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Ari Gold Runs WWE RAW Tonight

Jeremy Piven Actor Jeremy Piven will run WWE RAW tonight. Mostly known for his Entourage character Ari Gold, Piven will be tonight”s WWE Guest Host. Piven is one of those hosts that has enormous potential to be either a smashing success or bomb tonight on RAW. I don”t think you will get anything in between tonight with Piven.

Piven already seems to be having fun with the role. Piven wrote on his Twitter account over the weekend, “Just locked my special guest host to host WWE Raw with me Monday night. Here we go.”

I am hoping Piven plays this one in complete Ari Gold mode. If so, Piven’s tweet could mean a special appearance by one of his Entourage co-stars. An appearance by Lloyd played by Rex Lee could turn this into one of the most entertaining WWE RAW shows in a long time.

Piven will have big shoes to fill following last week”s guest, Shaquille O”Neal. I can”t fathom Piven getting physical with anyone ala Shaq. Then again, actor Seth Green actually wrestled during his stint as WWE Guest Host. So who knows what the WWE will have in store for Piven.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Piven-WWE connection starts and ends with The Game. Triple H and Piven are workout partners. I do like the fact that the WWE are tapping into the celebrity connections of their wrestlers. I would expect a big segment tonight involved The Game and the Piv. I don”t expect Triple H to bring his buddy into to give John Cena the rub.

WWE Guest Hosts have been hit and miss thus far. Shaq was by far the biggest success of the bunch. Seth Green did surprisingly well. ZZ Top was the biggest dud of the bunch. ZZ Top only made one live appearance and did a bunch of terrible pre-taped segments. Good or bad, I think WWE learned their lesson and will give all of their hosts multiple appearances in front of the audience.

[adinserter block=”2″]I like the idea of the Guest Host, but in theory it makes zero sense. The idea is that the Guest Host can do whatever he wants each week. In theory, these hosts should be able to undo any mandates such as pay-per-view matches or number one contenders made prior to their night. It is a nice change of pace, but the bloom isn”t going to last too much longer on this rose in my opinion. There is going to come a point where wrestling fans are just going to want to watch wrestling. Imagine that?

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