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Are There Too Many Wrestlers in the WWE?

The WWE may be moving in the wrong direction because of its overabundance of roster spots and too many performers to choose from. It may only be a theory – but it is one that should be explored.

[adinserter block=”1″]Has there ever been a time in the company where it is as loaded with talent as it is right now? Was the decision to unify the titles the best thing for business in wake of the fact that there are over 30 WWE superstars who could make a go of it in the singles division and for that reason, the tag team ranks are as strong as they have been in the last decade?

Maybe Triple H and the McMahon’s should back up a few paces and look at what is happening here to the talent pool and come up with a few solutions. The overage of talents are actually hurting the product because the company that bought WCW is faced with the same dilemma it had over 12 years ago. It did not know what to do with the talent once it starred the company in the face.

In an effort to make sense of this, listen to these ideas and see if they stick.

Here is an idea – the WWE uses the same wrestlers over and over again because they sell and draw money. They may not be the most talented or the most athletic or even the youngest in the crowd, but a company that is not as profitable or popular as it was say five years ago, the company needs to turn to its “Ric Flairs and Hulk Hogan’s” to bring in the green. John Cena should not be the lead dog in the company, but he brings in $100 million a year in marketing and merchandising. The WWE cannot afford to lose that.

Cody Rhodes, Antonio Cesaro, The Shield and Dolph Ziggler could all draw if marketed properly, but management does not have the time to make that happen and instead blames low buy rates on PPV events – which are because of bad storylines and booking on wrestlers like a Daniel Bryan, who they think cannot draw money.

Roman Reigns, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Cody Rhodes, Titus O’Neal, Darren Young Antonio Cesaro and Cody Rhodes should all take their act to TNA and prove they are the real deal. Not only would it show that the WWE is missing (throw in Dolph Ziggler and Curtis Axel), it would prove that TNA could have some life to it with the casting of the proper characters.

I am not saying this would happen (although it should) – but it sends a message as the state of professional wrestling. The WWE really is the only game in town, so there is no need to try and sell it any harder then it is being sold. But it also should not be abused like it has been where the writing has been ignored and the product has grown stale.

The new direction of the company should include new stories, new champions, new rivalries and new fans. The company even said so in its promo on Monday night. While bringing back Batista on Jan. 20 is great for business, it is not a solution to a long term problem only a band aid to stop the bleeding.

The bleeding of money, bad stories and poor communication the WWE seems to have lately in its connection with the fans.

I used to see hundred of kids and adults wearing WWE gear and merchandise day to day only a couple of years ago. Now, I hardly see any. The kids watch the shows might wear it – but the parents don’t buy it and only the diehard fans will be seen in it. That speaks volumes about the direction the company is headed.

[adinserter block=”2″]The change begins at the top and the new roster of superstars begins when the WWE realizes it needs change for the good, not for the sake of change.

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  1. They can’t come up with good story lines because everything has to be PG. It’s weak, boring, and bad for the industry as a whole. No new stars are being made. The one guy that has basically been demanded by the fans to be a top guy has been talked down to and made to be inferior time and time again (Daniel Bryan). If it was old school Vince McMahon, he would be building up Bryan’s back story and how he has strived to get to the WWE and strived to overcome so much and how great he is(almost exactly Shawn Michaels build up before he won his first title).

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