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Apple TV’s ‘Shining Girls’: First Look, Release Date, Cast, and More

Are you ready for a gritty series?

Apple TV+ is bringing in a thriller series called Shining Girls which, unlike its name, will be dark and gritty. The metaphysical thriller series will feature the Emmy Award winner Elisabeth Moss in the lead role who has also been cited as one of the greatest television actresses so this series as her in the lead will certainly be worth the watch.

Here is everything we know about Shining Girls so far:

What is the Story About?

Shining Girls’ plot will be based on a bestselling novel of the same name by Lauren Beukes. The story follows Kirby Mazarachi, who is a newspaper archivist based in Chicago. Kirby has to put her work on hold when she is assaulted brutally by an attacker and decides to hunt down the attacker as she battles her reality shifting before her eyes.

Moving on six years later, Kirby finds a murder case that is awfully similar to her own assault case which leads her to team up with Dan Velazquez, a seasoned but troubled crime reporter. The duo team up to uncover the attacker’s identity while battling their own traumas and shifting reality which helps the attacker stay one step ahead of them.


Apple TV+ recently released the trailer for Shining Girls on YouTube. Kirby defines the attacker in the trailers by saying: “He’s everybody, he’s nobody, he’s all the time”. Ever since her attack, Kirby is battling with her sense of reality after she notices that one moment she has a pet cat and in another moment, the pet is a dog.

She feels like her attacker has been following her for her whole life and things get really confusing when many cases over the decades start linking up which leads them to speculating the killer can time travel.

Shining Girls Cast and Release Date

Elisabeth Moss will play the role of Kirby and Wagner Moura will portray Dan. Moss will also be directing the episodes and will also be working as an executive producer of the series. Jamie Bell will play the role of Harper Curtis, Phillipa Soo as Jin-Sook, and Amy Brenneman will be Rachel.

While describing the character Moss will be playing to Deadline, she said: “Kirby’s trauma has to do with the fact that she can never know exactly who it was that was a part of her attack, and that drives her crazy.”

She also described Wag’s character and said: “What Wag’s character Dan represents to Kirby and to the show is—without getting into too much and going too far in spoiling anything— he’s the first person that’s as interested in this as she is.”

Shining Girls will officially premiere on April 29, 2022, and will contain a total of eight episodes.



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