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Apple Officially Discontinues iPod Touch

Apple has announced that the iPod Touch will be discontinued and stated that the product will be sold “while supplies last.”

In a Tuesday press release, the company confirmed the decision by stating that “the essence of iPod lives on” in its music-playing devices, including the iPad and HomePod Mini. The discontinuation of sales of Apple’s last mp3 player model symbolizes the end of an era.

  • The press release states, “Customer can buy iPod touch via, Apple Store and Apple Authorized Resellers while supply lasts.”
  • Apple released the first iPod touch in September 2007
  • The iPod touch was most recently updated in May 2019, when a new A10 fusion chip was included.
  • Only months after the iPhone was released

Many people in the early 2000s admired iPods before they achieved legendary status. Along with the Sony Walkman, it was one of the items that propelled the portable music player industry to new heights.

The 2019 revision of the iPod Touch operated on Apple’s A10 processor and included slight enhancements over the prior model. Despite rumors that a new model was forthcoming, such a product was never found.

Apple iPod History

The initial FireWire-supplied iPod model was debuted 20 years ago as a portable music player. Apple produced models primarily used for listening to audio until 2017 when it retired the iPod Nano and Shuffle.

The Verge adds that while some iPod devotees have welcomed the iPod Touch as an advanced music player, it has also established a following among people who wanted an iPhone-relateable feeling but did not need a phone.

In a discussion, Tony Fadell, one of the original iPod’s developers, stated that the iPod team anticipated that the iPhone would eventually overtake music players.

“It became evident that mobile phones and feature phones posed a danger. “At the time, they were beginning to integrate MP3 playback to the mobile phones they were distributing,” he added.

The first iPod touch was introduced in 2007, the same year as the first iPhone. Except for calling functions, it has nearly identical hardware and software as the first iPhone.

With Apple discontinuing its iPod product line, the technology giant is keen to steer consumers toward its other music-playing goods.

Fans Are Sharing Their iPod Experience

Greg Joswiak stated that the device has “reclassified how music is found, played to, and shared. Fans of the iPod have gone to social media to share their reactions to the news and their favorite iPod-related experiences, which you can check below!

The iPod wasn’t even the first MP3 player in the industry, just as the iPhone wasn’t the first cellphone. However, the iPod’s distinctive Apple design provided the impetus digital music needed to begin luring consumers away from CD and cassette players and file-sharing.

In 2001, the music business struggled to survive in the face of illicit file-sharing, as songs were ripped and disseminated on platforms quicker than record companies could issue legal claims.

Without iPod, listening to music will never be the same as before!



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