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Apple Might Announce a New Search Engine Next Week at the WWDC

Let me guess, it’ll be only for apple users.

Did you know that Google paid $15 billion to Apple in 2021 to be the default search engine in the Apple Safari app? Apple has always been taking a considerable amount of money from Google to let it be the default search engine on its devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

However, some rumors started spreading earlier that Apple is dabbling into web development as well. And now the latest piece of news has surfaced that suggests that Apple might be aiming to compete head-to-head with Google and is reportedly making a new search engine.

And it seems that Apple plans to unveil the search engine at the coming Apple World Wide Developer Conference. Here is everything we know about it so far:

Twitter Leaks

Popular blogger of the Scobleizer, Robert Scoble posted a bunch of stuff on his Twitter account that can be expected to appear in the coming World Wide Developer Conference. Robert has been a technology evangelist at Microsoft and his claims have been true almost every time.

According to him, Apple will be revealing a bunch of things in the coming event and when it comes to searching, Robert claims that Apple will be unveiling a brand new search engine. HE tweeted: “Oh, and a new search engine is coming too. Will Siri finally get “smart?” Hmmm.”

Scoble claims that this is not just a guess and he has heard it from many places. Other than this he shared more about the plans of Apple in Augmented Reality (AR) and the possibilities of Apple Glasses. When asked about his source of the news, Robert said: Heard it from many places. Had dinner six years ago with the head of Siri at Apple and he laid out why Siri would need to be rebuilt. We haven’t seen that rebuild yet. It will come with the headset”.

Why Is Apple Making a Search Engine Now?

Although Apple is getting lots of profits from Google, it also sort of creates a dependency on Google. Then there is ‘Hey Siri’ vs. ‘OK Google’. Unless Siri gets its own source of information, it will only keep feeding more data to Google, its competition.

And this isn’t their first rodeo, Apple has been showing signs of getting into web search since 2014 when they first introduced Applebot and also listed their own search ranking factors.

What Could a New Search Engine Mean for Apple?

As of now, the details regarding any feature of the search engine are scarce and not even a name has surfaced yet. But as for what a new search engine could mean for Apple, the first thing would be Apple’s independence from Google.

We can either expect Siri to get better at answering questions or Apple might introduce a new way of crawling and indexing the web. Well, it is suggested you take every rumor with a grain of salt and wait for the WWDC event scheduled for June 6.



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