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Apex Legends Mobile: Perk System Explained

The mobile version isn’t really the same as the PC version.

Apex Legends was finally released for the mobile platform with the name Apex Legends Mobile and players were finally able to get the feel of the game on their phones. With the game finally available on the mobile platform, it makes you wonder if everything is the same as it was on PC.

The answer to that is no. Although the game follows the same mechanics on both platforms, there are still a bunch of different in both games. For example, the mobile version has its own sets of Legends with its own game modes.

There is also the brand new concept of Perks that was introduced in the mobile version of the game and it remains a mystery to many. Today Perks are our topic of discussion and we will tell you everything you need to know about it:

What are Perks?

The first thing to notice is that in the mobile version, each character of yours has their dedicated perk trees which can be found under the Legends tab from the main menu in the game. The perk system in Apex Legends Mobile is introduced to allow players to unlock tokens that can be spent on those perk trees.

The perk trees contain perks, finishers, cosmetic items, and abilities for each character that can be unlocked through playing the game. It is worth noting that perk tokens are character dedicated and cannot be exchanged between characters and they get more expensive the further you progress.

Once unlocked, players will be given 1 token by playing and leveling up certain characters. Perks are a sort of passive bonus given to players through which they get an additional boost to take down an enemy.

Types of Perks

You should know that apart from being character-dedicated, the perks are divided into categories as well. The perks are separated into three types depending on their rarity. The three perks are namely Perks, Finishers, and Ability.

Perks are blue in color, Finishers are purple, and Ability is red in color. You should also remember that you can only equip one type of each perk equipped at one time. Each kind of perk has a different use in the game.

Perks work as a passive bonus like in Call of Duty multiplayer. Finishers on the other hand give the characters an additional boost during the takedown of an enemy. As for the Ability perk, it is triggered when the players activate their character’s tactical ability.

As of now, each character or Legend in the game has three perks in each of the three categories in their skill trees. They also include some cosmetic items for each character. As a tip, instead of focusing on maxing up one Legend at once, you should level up multiple Legends simultaneously to get a competitive edge while gaming.



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