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Antonio Cesaro has Daniel Bryan syndrome: Inside The Wheelhouse

Let me preface the title by saying that Antonio Cesaro and Daniel Bryan are two of my favorite wrestlers today. Calm down internet world.

[adinserter block=”1″]Reports are indicating lately that the WWE believes Antonio Cesaro is a “boring” wrestler. I could not disagree more with those reports because Cesaro has “the look” the WWE wants and the charisma of what I believe to be is an “old school ethnic heel.” What I mean by that is you dislike him because he cuts a promo denouncing the United States and when he enters the squared circle you believe he can easily beat anyone in the ring based off of his size/look.

Despite what is being said on “dirtsheets” lately I believe that Antonio Cesaro is a future World Champion in the making. He has that “it factor” that appeals to the masses and connects with the “hardcore” fanbase due to his popularity on the independent circuit. Now doesn’t that belief remind you of Daniel Bryan a couple years ago?

When Bryan first came to the WWE there was a belief that he was “boring.” Hell, Michael Cole would bash him about it on his commentary throughout most of Bryan’s matches, promo’s or segments. That didn’t sit well with the “hardcore” fanbase because Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) was a “cult-like hero” on the independent wrestling circuit for the last decade putting on matches that people would either trade or discuss via word-of-mouth.

Most wrestling fans knew Daniel Bryan had the potential to be a World Champion and one day even main event a WrestleMania. When it came to Daniel Bryan the WWE either didn’t believe that could ever be, didn’t want it to ever happen or just tried to fool all of us with what we perceived to be their “belief” of Bryan.

Now it seems like Cesaro is dealing with the same fate as he is a wrestler that is being described as “boring” but that many fans believe is a future World Champion/Main Eventer in the making. I basically have called this now, with all due respect of course, the “Daniel Bryan syndrome.”

What do I mean by that?

“Daniel Bryan syndrome” can be defined as an Independent wrestling star not getting his or her due respect in the WWE but many “hardcore” fans realizing he or she has a world of talent and potential. That can be due to the star’s background in Independent wrestling and not being a “homegrown” WWE talent or because the WWE wants this Independent wrestling star to pay their dues on the “WWE level” despite paying dues for most of their professional wrestling careers. Most of the time when a star is dealing with said syndrome, the popularity of said star forces the WWE to realize that they have a star in the making…just like Daniel Bryan.

Antonio Cesaro is far from boring in my opinion. Anyone who has had watched the former Claudio Castagnoli the last decade on the independent wrestling circuit has come to realize he has in-fact came a long way in his promo ability and in-ring work. There is a reason why Cesaro was in developmental for a short period of time and it’s because he has that “it factor.”

He went from headlining ROH matches to being in the WWE one year later. It’s very rare that you see that happen and it’s because the WWE knew of the talent they have on their hands, which makes me really confused on why they aren’t capitalizing on his star potential right now.

I really believed and still believe that Cesaro would be the breakout star in the WWE in 2013. So far that prediction hasn’t come to fruition and I blame that solely on the WWE not being in “flavor” with the former WWE United States Champion. He’s proven to be a great in-ring worker and they haven’t even touched the potential he can be as a major heel player in the WWE.

[adinserter block=”2″]It’ll take some time but I fully expect Antonio Cesaro to go through the same path as Daniel Bryan and be able to conquer this “Daniel Bryan syndrome” in the soon-to-near future. He is too good not to be featured in a more prominent role on WWE television.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more Jeff, especially about the "homegrown" bias. WWE does indeed favor their own discoveries versus independent talent that is brought in. Look at Batista, Cena, and Shaemus who were WWE "developed" and then pushed to the moon when they came in. On the other hand, guys like Bryan and Punk had mid card success but had to really win over the suits to get to the main event. Once there, they more than proved themselves. I agree the Cesaro will have the same impact if given the chance. I also have high hopes for Chris Hero once he gets called up too.


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