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Another Eagles Season, Another Donovan McNabb Injury

Donovan McNabb injuryPhiladelphia Eagles fans have gotten their quarterback controversy early. Donovan McNabb will miss 2-4 weeks with cracked ribs. This will be #5’s fifth season of eight with injury. The situation sets up a situation in four weeks where Michael Vick may be the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback.

McNabb was injured after being hit on a touchdown run. A review of the tape shows that the hit came late, although it wasn”t called. As an Eagles fan, my fears were heightened when McNabb immediately grabbed both of his knees. McNabb was able to walk off under his own volition, but never returned to the game.

[adinserter block=”1″]The injury darkened what would have been a glorious day for Philadelphia Eagles fans. The Eagles struggled early by giving up a touchdown to Carolina on their first drive. The Eagles defense sparked the team when Victor Abiamiri picked up a Jake Delhomme fumble and returned it for six. This started a 28-point run, all in the first half. The Eagles got points from the special teams, offense, and defense making it a an all-around terrific team effort.

Kevin Kolb saw his first NFL action since the Baltimore debacle last season. Kolb didn”t look all that much better. The offense didn”t click well under Kolb. Kolb went 7 for 11 for a disappointing 23 yards. On the one hand, Kolb was in a bad spot coming into the game when he did. On the other hand, he has had two opportunities to show his stuff and has failed miserably in both of them.

This isn”t to say that McNabb can come back early. McNabb has played through injuries before, but that doesn”t make me feel better. This could be a situation like 2005 where he was injured in the first game, continued to play through injury, and struggled until Andy Reid finally pulled the plug in mid-season. Andy Reid did say after the game that there is a chance McNabb could play. Whether he plays at 65% or doesn”t play at all, it is a lose-lose situation for Eagles fans.

The Eagles host the New Orleans Saints next week. This is a tricky situation in my opinion for McNabb. The Saints are going to score and I have no confidence that Kevin Kolb can hang in a shootout with Drew Brees. On the other hand, McNabb is already playing behind a questionable offensive line. If it takes sitting him for a game or two to ensure he is back at close to 100%, I say go for it. It isn”t worth seeing McNabb”s entire season ended next week.

[adinserter block=”2″]Eagles fans have been down this road for the last eight years with Donovan McNabb. Whether it is bad luck or his own culpability, he has been injured in five of the last eight seasons. This is something that he can play through, so his status for next week will probably up in the air all week. Brett Favre is currently playing with bad ribs and so far he has looked good. Like him or not, McNabb is a tough quarterback that once finished a game with a broken leg. All eyes will be on Donovan McNabb for the next seven days.

Never a dull moment in Philadelphia during the football season!

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