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Animal Kingdom Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot And More Details

Netflix’s famous drama series Animal Kingdom is all set to renew the series for its new season. The famous drama series that had its prior five seasons released will be releasing the series’ 6th season soon. The series since its release in 2016, almost half a decade ago has been a hit and famous one. The series also has an 8.2 ranking on IMDb and a decent 76% on rotten tomatoes. The story that revolves around the Cody Family will be interesting to watch once again.

Season 1 of Animal Kingdom premiered on TNT in 2016 and received favorable reviews. It was based on an Australian film of the same name. The series’ convoluted family story, high-octane action sequences, and great performances by the cast. This led to the attraction of fans and critics alike. Amongst the appreciation an important person who was loved a lot was Ellen Barkin.

Ellen received particular appreciation for her depiction of the vicious matriarch Janine “Smurf” Cody. The show is still popular six years later. The upcoming sixth season, however, will be Animal Kingdom’s final season.

As a result, the flashback pattern and plot arcs established in Season 5 will be continued in Season 6. Here’s everything we know about the last season of Animal Kingdom so far, including narrative specifics, a release date, and casting announcements.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Release Date

TNT has released some information regarding the upcoming season of Animal Kingdom. One of them also includes the release date of season 6. According to TNT, Season 6 will be released on June 19, 2022, i.e. Sunday. This is certainly different from its classic May release which was followed for almost all the seasons. Additionally, the season will have 13 episodes in total.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Cast

Jasper Polish will play Julia, Smurf’s daughter, and Pope’s twin. She’s “Beautiful, smart, edgy. She’s smart, yet she sells LSD tabs because she thinks it’s hip. She loves/hates her mother, Smurf.” Kevin Clark will play Andrew “Cody is “intense and has an undiscovered mental disorder.”

As he struggles with his deepest desires, he has a seething fury but also seeks atonement. He loves Smurf, Baz, and Julia.” Darren Mann will play a younger Baz in Animal Kingdom.

The Plot of Season 6

Throughout Season 5, police searched for J, Craig (Ben Robson), Deran (Jake Weary), and Pope (Shawn Hatosy). The stakes soared when an investigator obtained a significant lead. Catherine Blackwell’s (Daniella Alonso) death in Season 5 affected the Animal Kingdom characters’ future. In Season 6’s trailer, a detective receives a box with Cody’s family information. With the cops closing in, they’ll have to be much more careful next season.

Do we have a trailer for the newest season?

Fortunately, Yes! We do have a trailer for season 6 that was released by TNT. The official trailer was released way back by TNT three days ago. The same can be watched herein.



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