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Andy Reid And His Pact

Andy ReidEnough Is Enough Already With Andy Reid

Did you know that Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid had a pact with the media? Well apparently nobody but Coach Reid was aware of this. Talk about the nerve of this guy. If Andy Reid is this worried about an injury report in August, we have bigger problems than we thought going into this season.

I bleed green but I have never liked Andy Reid. He is smug, arrogant, cocky, and extremely condescending. If there is anyone in the local media who should be rolling out the red carpet for the media it is Reid. Reid has been given more leniency than anyone else I can ever recall in my years as a Philadelphia sports fan by the media.

How many stories did I read about Andy Reid’s children from the sports media two years ago? At one time it appeared as if his kids were being arrested daily for drug related charges. Not once do I recall ever reading anything tasteless by the media. The media showed him compassion by not asking him any questions or commentating on this. How did Any Reid repay them?

Andy Reid and his wife gave a full interview to Philadelphia magazine. That is right. Reid repaid the sports media that made a pact with him not to talk about it, by giving a non-sports entity the exclusive. What happened to that pact Andy? Hey, you don’t owe the media anything but they sure as heck didn’t owe you either.

How about the last ten years of watching Andy berate and humiliate the media on a daily basis? How about nobody from the media calling out the obvious garbage he spews at his press conferences? How about the media giving him 100% support in the Terrell Owens debacle? What is the pact here? Is the pact that Andy Reid gets to dictate how the local sports media do their jobs?

How about the Super Bowl Andy? Am I still bitter about the Super Bowl? You’re damn right I am. I am also bitter about the fact that Andy still hasn’t explained to this day his thinking in the final five minutes of the game. Even Bill Belichik in an American’s Game episode openly questioned Reid’s coaching. Hey Bill, watch out. You may have broken the pact with Andy.

So on August 3 I have to sit here and listen to Andy Reid bully the fans, the media, and the team over an injury report? Hey Andy, welcome to 2009 and the era of instant news. Was Andy hoping that the Pony Express wouldn’t deliver this news until opening day? I don’t always agree with the media, but to get angry and berate the media over reporting an injury on August 3 is just simply ludicrous.

Who the hell does Andy Reid think he is? Andy Reid hasn’t won anything to warrant that kind of arrogance. Reid came off as an unprofessional bully and a big baby. Is he kidding me with this self-proclaimed media pact?

Now that the pact has been broken, maybe certain members of the media can start doing their jobs. Maybe some in the media instead of kissing his big behind, will start asking him some tough questions this season? Maybe someone in the media may actually gulp…challenge him on one of his non-answers after he blows another game due to his poor preparation and play calling.

Andy Reid better have one hell of a season this year. Anything less could get ugly really quick in this town. Quite honestly, anything less than the Super Bowl after ten years should be unacceptable by this point.

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