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Anderson Silva Wants To Break Chael Sonnen’s Arms, Legs, & Teeth

Anderson Silva has not found the last two years of Chael Sonnen’s mocking funny. Silva shocked the MMA media into silence today when he went into graphic detail of what he wants to do to Sonnen at UFC 148, sounding more like a loan shark than a UFC champion.

[adinserter block=”2″]One thing you either love or hate about Anderson Silva is that he is one of the most even tempered athletes in MMA. Silva prefers to do his talking inside the octagon leaving empty threats and trash talking to his opponents. Well Chael Sonnen has woke a sleeping a giant because after hearing Sonnen trash him, his family, his people, and his friends, Anderson unleashed a verbal assault on Sonnen that had the MMA media excited and a little scared for Mr. Sonnen’s safety on July 7.

Sonnen has brilliantly turned himself into one of the best characters in MMA. His unique brand of trash talking and pre-fight hype are right out of the WWE promotion book. Sonnen made his mark during the first go-around with Silva when mocked everything about Silva, his family, and his people for three months leading up to the night in which he choked in the fifth round against the champion. Silva said nothing during the pre-fight hype and even joked about it in the UFC117-post presser. Needless to say Sonnen has definitely struck a chord in the champion as the joking is over.

This may go down as the all-time greatest promo ever cut by an MMA fighter on his opponent. Silva made a variety of promises today in the UFC 148 press call. Here are just some of Anderson’s greatest hits from today.

– “First of all, Chael is a criminal,” he began. “He’s been convicted of crimes. He doesn’t deserve to be inside of the octagon. When the time comes and the time is right, I’m going to break his face and break every one of the teeth in his mouth.
– Chael will need a plastic surgeon when Anderson is done with him on July 7.
– He will teach Sonnen the manners his parents never taught him.
– Chael will not be able to walk out of the cage on his own after the fight.
– He is going to make sure that every one of Chael’s teeth are broken.

My favorite line of the call was, “What I’m gonna do inside the O is going to change the image of the sport.”

[adinserter block=”1″]Yikes!

Chael on the other hand came off more like a comedy act. Chael really needs to develop a new routine because if you heard Chael talk about Anderson once, you have heard it all. To me, the call came off like Chael was just trying to hype a fight while Anderson seriously wants to hurt this man.

I have to say that I love this side of Silva. It is a shame though that it took him seven years to figure out the art of promoting his UFC fights. Check out the entire conference call for yourself courtesy of MMA Weekly.

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