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Anderson Silva Wants GSP Next, May Leave Division

It is tough not to like Anderson Silva these days. Silva not only offered to step up at the last minute and save UFC 151, he has actually done just that for UFC 153. Yet the man about to fight at 205 is still focused and determined to fight Georges St-Pierre, the 170 lb welterweight champion no matter what.

[adinserter block=”2″]I have ranted and raved quite a bit about Silva vs. GSP and unfortunately I am about to do it again. I still can’t understand why the UFC is supporting this crazy idea and indeed pressuring the welterweight champion to take a fight with a man who will be fighting two divisions up on Saturday night. The idea is just as preposterous to me today as it was when it was first announced yet the UFC and Silva continue to be moving in that direction.

Silva talked a little bit about this during open media workouts in Brazil. Not only is he focused on a GSP fight, he may do so at the expense of the middleweight title. When asked about whether GSP was his next ideal fight or not he responded simply, “Yeah, this is my focus.”

Ariel Helwani pressed him a bit more as to whether this meant the end of his reign as middleweight champion and whether he’d relinquish the title and leave the division.

“No, maybe, I don’t know.”

Good job cracking the case Ariel.

It amazes me that we are less than a week out from UFC 153 and a man about to fight at 205 pounds is still beating the drum to fight a man who fights at 170 pounds. Keep in mind that Silva continues to deny any interest in fighting Jon Jones…who fights at 205, yet continues picking a fight with the welterweight champion. I get the idea of Silva wanting to fight the best but is that really a legitimate argument when he is only interested in fighting the best if it is an unfair fight?

The idea that the UFC continues to support this also boggles my mind. There is plenty left for GSP in the welterweight division. He’ll have his fight with Carlos Condit coming up and that is certainly not a guaranteed win for the champ. There is also this little beef with Nick Diaz that needs to be resolved when Diaz comes off of suspension. If GSP can get through Condit and Diaz then there is Rory MacDonald waiting in the wings as well. Taking GSP out of the division to fight Silva makes no sense to me.

Once again we circle back to Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva. Jones unlike GSP has cleaned out his division and may now start to see repeat fights with his previous victims. The UFC haven’t put any public pressure at all on either Jones or Silva to fight, yet they continue to beat the drum for GSP who has said several times he really isn’t that interested in the fight.

[adinserter block=”1″]If Silva is that interested in fighting GSP I think he needs to go down to 170. Granted I am sure he’ll balloon back up by fight time but that is the only fair way to do this thing. Even then I still am not too interested in seeing a fight where one of the fighters balloons back up to 200 pounds by fight time. I have a great deal of respect for Anderson Silva and I know he wants to retire undefeated in the UFC but at some point he either has to stop with these games and take the fight the world is waiting to see against Jon Jones or defend the title.

Maybe these “heroics” are just a diversion after all. Maybe this UFC 151/153 idea was just a way to take an easy fight that the UFC and fans would accept while he stalls the division and awaits GSP. On second thought, this Stephan Bonnar fight isn’t that heroic after all.

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  1. Great article!
    And btw,its still tough to me to like Silva…I dont see his actions as "heroics" AT ALL,but rather calculated.
    I talked abt this so many time…but I just dont understand why the UFC doesnt make him fight JBJ!!!
    Once I heard Silva say that they were two good friends and that he doesnt fight "good friends"…smh…
    Next it will be Weidman vs Dos Santos ?

  2. I fully agree! The only thing I can think is that Dana is coddling Silva because they get along better while he may not personally like GSP as much.

  3. Thank you!!! I don't know why other people have not smelled the bacon or expressed this!? I am in complete agreement with the author. None of Anderson Silva's action's in these matters are heroic = they appear 'safe' in his mind. That is all that needs to be said. Dana: make Silva fight Jones!!! That is the only thing what would show integrity on everybody's part.


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