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Anderson Silva Vs. Chael Sonnen Rematch Is Official

Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson SilvaThe most anticipated UFC middleweight championship fight in division history is on. UFC president Dana White confirmed that Anderson Silva has agreed to fight Chael Sonnen. This contradicts recent statements from Silva and his camp saying that they would not fight Sonnen.

The news came late this week after a reported meeting between Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva, and the UFC. Sonnen sent a tweet out on Tuesday in typical Sonen fashion letting fans know that there was a meeting scheduled this week between all parties.

The bug got to Anaheim today, I get in tomorrow. We are having a meeting, and I AIN’T BRINGING FLOWERS….

[adinserter block=”2″]That will smooth things over. Well something happened at that meeting because on Thursday, Dana White confirmed that there would indeed be a rematch and the rematch would be next up on the docket for the UFC middleweight champion.

It’s the fight that everybody wants to see. People want to see Chael vs. Anderson,White said. “Anderson is in this position where he feels like the guy is so disrespectful he doesn’t want to give him a shot.”

But Anderson will end up fighting Chael. The answer is yes.”

Silva is currently recovering from shoulder surgery and hasn’t trained in weeks. Due to his recovery, I wouldn’t expect the fight to take place before the end of February if not March. I am just guessing but it would appear from everything I have read The Spider say that he isn’t in any rush to give the challenger his rematch.

I get it but this stinks on a lot of levels. Quite frankly a man who cheated in their first match, never officially got re-licensed in California, and oh yes was found guilty as part of a mortgage fraud case is being rewarded for his shenanigans with an immediate championship fight. Sure he had to beat Brian Stann, but does that automatically make him the number one contender?

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I totally get it and the UFC is just as much a business as anything else. But let’s face it, Mark Munoz should be getting the title shot here. If not Munoz, how about Vitor Belfort? Isn’t Dan Henderson owed a shot at some point after the song and dance the UFC did with him a few years back? My point being is that I don’t understand what qualifies Chael to jump to the front of the line after one win in the division?

The answer is easy, it is money. The UFC has a goldmine on their hands here with this rematch. I completely understand that. But in the end you are killing your credibility as a “sport” and the UFC is screwing guys that rightfully have earned the title shot over Sonnen. The only difference is that they kept their mouths shut and did the right things while Sonnen did it all wrong.

The UFC avoided a huge public relations nightmare the last time with Sonnen. What if Sonnen won? A week or two later it comes out that he tested positive for PEDs and now you have a situation where the legacy of Anderson Silva has been tarnished by a tainted loss. Even worse, they would have had a situation where their champion was not only suspended but was also dragged into court as part of a mortgage scheme (something he has surprisingly got an easy pass for by the fans and media). The UFC could have had a situation where Silva was tainted and their champion was in the news for being a felon. Sonnen put the UFC at great risk with his actions, and yet the UFC is willing to take this chance again?

[adinserter block=”1″]Again, I get it and I understand the business. However, the next time Dana White gets on his soap box about boxing or another MMA’s organization’s booking, someone needs to call him out for this mess. White likes to compare the UFC to other sports. Imagine if the NFL changed the Super Bowl around because they didn’t like the matchup? White is cashing in on the circus and that is something a company as big as the UFC should above.

I just hope this ends with Chael Sonnen leaving the UFC. Then again, I can’t imagine that a habitual liar like Sonnen would live up to anything he says or promises.

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  1. belfort can not win. munoz has hardly earned it by beating chris leben? Wouldnt mind seeing henderson though. But Chael all but won the fight and came back and beat what was a potential number one contender. And this is the best drawing fight possible, do think henderson should be next though!

  2. I think theyre doing it now because this is the highest interest that they will have in this fight, and this fight will make the most money. Say Sonnen loses a fight before this, or Silva loses, there goes the money. I can't fault the UFC for doing this match now. There's too much that could happen if they wait a fight between for both guys

  3. Yeah definitely a WWE feel to this fight but I hope Anderson doesn't bother with it this time. Just put him down or make White sweat by dancing around again. I don't know why everyone gets mad at Anderson, he's just better, I'm sure he's sorry.

  4. So, this is a "sport", but crap like this happens. Sure, it's about money, about putting on the best show, but if its a "sport", not "entertainment" – "sports entertainment" – then 1 & 2's should fight, 1 & 3's should fight. The champ fights should be earned. Run MLB and the NFL this way and it's Yankees vs. Red Sox every year for the World Series, Dallas vs. Patriots every Super Bowl. NBA still sucks.

    It's entertainment more than a sport anymore, and that's fine, it's entertaining, and I love the UFC, but crap like this hurts the legitimacy as a sport. How many news sites have a menu item for MMA/UFC, but still have one for Soccer, Golf and Boxing even. The industry watches and reacts accordingly. Great show, bad sport.


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