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Anderson Silva Thinks UFC Super Fights Are Ridiculous

No matter how often Dana White says Anderson Silva is taking a super fight, it isn’t happening. Not only is Silva focusing in on the middleweight division, he thinks the entire concept of a super fight is ridiculous.

[adinserter block=”1″]I know Silva is polarizing and there are a lot of hardcore MMA fans that don’t like him but I have to be honest. I wanted to stand up and applaud when I read what he said about taking super fights. Silva was recently asked about it and he said everything that I and other super fight critics have been thinking since day one.

“My opinion – the people always say ‘superfight, superfight’ but where are the chances for the new guys to come?

“I’m ready for fight for Jon Jones, Georges St Pierre but in my academy, Minatouro, Glover and the other fighters in this class for Jon Jones. George St Pierre is a different class. I have my problems in my class.

“Yeah it’s good for business but is no good for the other’s guy fight. I go to fight Georges St Pierre, he cuts up, I cut down. I finish the fight. I go to fight Jon Jones, I finish the fight. Who’s next? No have! My opinion, this is perfect bullsh*t.”

Bravo! I have been blogging those same exact sentiments since the first GSP vs. Silva fight was proposed in 2010. I thought the idea of super fights, taking guys from different weight classes, specifically champions, and matching them up against guys outside of the division benefits nobody other than Zuffa’s pockets. Silva agrees.

What makes these comments even more devastating to Dana’s grand plan is that Silva is the super fight. Let’s be honest. Take Silva out of the super fight equation and what do you have? Maybe Jon Jones vs. Cain Velasquez? Silva holds the key to the super fights and without him there are none that would come even close to bringing in the attention the UFC would be seeking.

Now let’s call a spade a spade here. Silva is also a brilliant negotiator. Silva has been on and off the fence when it comes to super fights. Silva could be using this as simply a negotiation tactic. Who could blame him? You have Dana White out there saying these fights are “definitely” going to happen when his star fighter says they aren’t. Who is losing more money on these fights?

The other thing that Silva points out is how unfair these fights are to the other guys in the division. Champions fight on an average of twice a year, three times on rare occasion. Now you want to take a champion out of the division for a fight and make a guys wait who have fought hard to earn their place in line. I’d also imagine that it would take longer for someone moving up in weight to prepare for the fight and come back down to weight. Depending upon how much damage the champion takes in the fight you could go a full year without a title defense. It’s just not fair.

[adinserter block=”2″]Once again I think the idea of these super fights is ridiculous. These are the greatest fighters in the world in their weight class. This is a sport and there are weight classes for a reason. Taking a guy out of his weight class and putting him in a mismatch against another great fighter won’t be entertaining for anyone. It’s about time someone called it what it what truly was and that’s bullsh*t!

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  1. The Spider Man is right if that Super fight that I get to keep BOTH belts or if there was a real competitor but since this is NOT boxing where there are at least 10 organizations the mega fight in UFC is flawed.


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