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Anderson Silva Talks Jon Jones Fight, Chael Sonnen, & GSP

Is Anderson Silva ready to fight Jon Jones?The UFC presented fans with a once in a lifetime opportunity at UFC 129 to speak with all of the UFC champions at the Super 7. UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva dominated the Q & A and had some interesting things to say about fighting Jon Jones, GSP, Chael Sonnen, and more.

Watching Anderson Silva in this kind of situation is fascinating. I can’t recall ever seeing an interview with the UFC champion where he wasn’t funny, charming, and insightful. The irony here is that while he appears to be a very fan friendly fighter, he is continually one of the most polarizing fighters in all of MMA. One minute fans hate him, the next they love him…kind of like his relationship with Dana White.

[adinserter block=”2″]The fan love for Silva at UFC 129 was never more evident than it was at this Super 7 presentation of champions. Sitting there with Cain Velasquez, Frankie Edgar, and Jon Jones, Silva appeared to be the most popular fighter on the panel. Maybe it was just me, but there was something different about Silva’s presence on the panel. To me, he came off as larger than life and that says a lot sitting on a panel with the best fighters in MMA.

Joe Rogan moderated the panel and asked questions to the champions. Anderson Silva’s four minutes of interrogation were the most interesting of the segment. Here are a few highlights of the Q & A which you can watch below on the UFC 129 Super 7 video.

Anderson was asked who the best fighters are in the UFC or MMA. Silva said BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre. It was kind of odd to watch Silva say that as UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar was sitting right next to him. Silva’s answer in regards to Penn was heavily booed which brought a smirk to Edgar’s face. Hey, you can’t fault the guy for offering his opinion. Once again Silva also speaks highly of GSP.

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Silva was asked about his remarkable comeback in his UFC 117 fight against Chael Sonnen. Silva said that he could have quit because he had a broken rib but kept fighting for his family. He referred to the Nogueria brothers as his family. It sounded like Silva really took Sonnen’s comments about the Nogueria brothers personally which says a lot about Anderson’s character if you ask me (and maybe you didn’t).

[adinserter block=”1″]Silva was also asked about a potential Super Fight with Jon Jones at 205. This was interesting as Jon Jones was sitting right next to Silva when he was asked the question. Jones laughed when he heard the question. Silva didn’t say no. Silva said that he would fight anyone that Dana White wanted him to fight. That was a nice answer but Silva has turned down several fights including a rematch with Dan Henderson and said he would never fight Lyoto Machida when asked the same question. It was a nice answer but I don’t know if I truly believe that one.

Silva also has some interesting things in regards to his retirement, Yushin Okami, fighting Cung Le, and the Vitor Belfort fight. Regarding Belfort, Rogan asked Silva about a comment Vitor Belfort made after their fight when he called Silva’s winning kick a “lucky kick.” Silva takes it in stride and offers a fun response.

As much as I like Silva and really enjoyed this Q & A I do find it funny that Silva always appears to speak perfect English during these kinds of interviews and yet will fall back on speaking in his native tongue at other less convenient times. Yet at the end of the day I could care less what he speaks as long as he continues fighting in the UFC.

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