Anderson Silva Says Jon Jones Fight Likely For 2013 In NY


The UFC has had a rough time pulling off promotional super fights over the last several years but that could change. The biggest mega fight in the pipeline appears to be itching a little bit closer and it could wind up in all places, New York City.

[adinserter block=”1″]I don’t think that there is any question the biggest fight the UFC could pull off right now is Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones. They, along with Georges St-Pierre are the most dominant fighters in the UFC today. A year ago both fighters said no regarding a potential showdown but one of them is saying yes and even predicting locations.

Anderson Silva was recently asked about the big fight at of all places a business lecture. The following is translated off of Portuguese website the translation may be a little rough. But according to this story, The Spider is preparing for a 2013 showdown with Bones.

Besides confirming their willingness to face it and say that this should occur in 2013, said the Spider to be fighting at a weight of about 87kg intermediate and not worth nor his middleweight belt (up to 83.9 kg) nor the light heavyweight belt (up to 93kg) Jones. Also according to the Brazilian, the idea is that the event takes place in New York City

So there you have it! The Spider appears to be on board to fight Bones. Silva thinks the fight could take place in Madison Square Garden at a catchweight or at a soccer stadium in Brazil. Debuting in New York with the biggest fight in UFC history would be something magical for MMA. There are reports that the UFC are gearing up for something big to celebrate their 20-year anniversary in November. These plans for Silva vs. Jones in MSG would seem to indicate that this the fight that would be at the top of the company’s wishlist.

Silva’s comments also come at a time where Dana White told reporters last week that he must make Silva vs. Jones or GSP. GSP appears to have no desire whatsoever to either move up in weight or fight Silva as opposed to Jones who appears to be more interested by the decimal point. Whether this is Silva posturing and trying to pain the UFC into a corner or if this really is the working plan is something we won’t find out for awhile.

There are comments towards the end of the article from one of Silva’s reps who told the website that current plans are for Silva to fight Chris Weidman and there is nothing scheduled beyond that. He also confirmed that while the fight isn’t scheduled, “everyone has that in mind.”

[adinserter block=”2″]If the fight doesn’t come off at this point it would appear to be one of the biggest blunders of Dana White’s tenure as UFC president. The fighters are saying yes, the promotion is saying yes, so it’s time to sign the fight and make it happen.

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