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Anderson Silva Reportedly Targeted For First UFC On Fox Main Event

Anderson Silva could fight on Fox televisionIt didn’t take long for experts and fans to start pondering about the biggest main-event in UFC history, the first UFC on Fox headliner. While the UFC has remained fairly tight lipped on a potential main-event, a recent report suggests that the UFC may be eyeing a battle of champions. reports that an Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson UFC middleweight championship rematch is being highly considered for the top spot. This would certainly give Fox the star power most MMA fans were hoping to see in the first UFC special in addition to a rematch that has been two years in the making.

[adinserter block=”2″] is fairly reputable although the report loses a lot of credibility when it suggests that Chael Sonnen would get the title shot at Silva if he beats Stann and Henderson doesn’t want to move down to middleweight. That would be almost close to impossible considering the fact that Sonnen is still not licensed in California and would have to go through another hearing to get the booking. I don’t think there is any way in the world that the UFC takes that chance with such a short turnaround to prepare.

Now a Brian Stann vs. Anderson Silva fight is always a possibility if Stann wins. Quite frankly, that would be the dream scenario here for the UFC. Stann has a tremendous story and is exactly the kind of fighter that the public can get behind in a championship fight. Additionally, Stann would be an instant star win or lose due to all of the publicity going into the fight and the number of eyes the fight will have on it that night. The only problem here is that Stann would only have about three-four weeks to train which really isn’t fair for a fight against Anderson Silva.

It would appear that the UFC are preparing to showcase the middleweight champion on Fox. Before everyone gets excited to see The Spider fight on free television, let’s remember who you are getting here. Silva is hit and miss and while he has had many exciting fights, he is also known for having some of the worst. A performance like he had against Demian Maia would devastate the UFC in its biggest broadcast in company history.

I also find it kind of funny that the company is already penciling a win in Anderson Silva’s win column before UFC 134. While I certainly think he wins the fight, I just find it ironic considering all of the smoke Dana White and other MMA officials have been blowing up our rears about Yushin Okami. Nobody is buying it, including them.

The Henderson vs. Silva fight is an interesting choice, if it is indeed on the table. Contract negotiations between Henderson and the UFC reportedly broke down on the last go-around after Dana White pulled Henderson from a promised title fight with Silva. White cited the lack of fan excitement as the reason for the cancelation yet it immediately set off a firestorm between the two which saw Henderson sign with Strikeforce. It is interesting to think that Henderson had to leave the UFC to eventually get the title shot he was originally promised, if this report is indeed true.

[adinserter block=”1″]As for Henderson, there are no reports about him officially re-signing with the UFC although recent tweets seem to suggest he has at least verbally agreed to a deal. It does seem a little odd that the UFC would make the investment of bringing Henderson back, who holds the Strikeforce light heavyweight title and move him back to middleweight, coming off a fight in which Henderson actually jumped up to heavyweight. A light heavyweight fight for Hendo seems a little more logical to me, rather than giving a guy a title shot in a division that he hasn’t won a fight in since 2009.

Either way it would appear that the UFC have their sights set high for the first headliner and that is a good thing. I would be surprised to see Anderson Silva put in that spot due to the quick turnaround and his inconsistent fight history but I certainly wouldn’t mind it.

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