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Anderson Silva & Jon Jones Need To Fight Or Shut Up

UFC champions Anderson Silva and Jon Jones have each publicly criticized the drawing power of upcoming opponents. Yet neither man will agree on the biggest fight in UFC history. It’s time to fight each other or stop the whining!

I am really starting to get sick and tired and listening to these two fighters complain about Joe Silva and Dana White’s choice of opponents, yet they completely ignore the obvious solution. These two guys are one contract away from making more money for one fight than they ever could and yet refuse to sign the contract for reasons that don’t make a lot of sense. You can’t have it both ways champs!

[adinserter block=”2″]Anderson Silva’s camp was the first to start complaining publicly to the media about potential opponents for the champion. Silva’s management took issue with the list of potential middleweight title challengers. According to the champion’s camp, none are deserving of a fight with Silva, nor is Silva interested in fighting amateurs.

“No opponent makes sense for Anderson at this moment. Unless we do a catchweight against Georges St-Pierre,” said Silva’s co-manager to Tatame.com. “They (the UFC) didn’t offer the fight, but he’s the only one that could do a super fight. Anderson has the biggest paycheck in the UFC, and you can’t promote an event with these amateur kids that are coming up now.

Ironically the only fights Silva and his camp are interested in taking are complete mismatches. Silva’s camp is open to fighting Nick Diaz, Rich Franklin, but are pushing the UFC hard for a fight with welterweight Georges St-Pierre. In other words, Silva is only interested in fighting two guys he’d greatly outweigh or an aging fighter he has destroyed twice.

In addition to being easy fights, all three opponents would make Silva much more money than he would against Chris Weidman or any of the middleweight top contenders. At 37 Silva doesn’t have many fights left so it would appear that it is more important to get the biggest payday as opposed to the best fights. That is fine and perfectly acceptable, yet the one fight that could earn him the biggest payday is off the table. He has outright refused to take the fight that would offer him the best of both worlds against Jon Jones.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has also made similar remarks in regards to an upcoming fight with Lyoto Machida. The UFC determined that if Jones beats Henderson that Machida would get the next title shot. Unfortunately for the UFC, the champion is not interested in the fight and the reason for this is all comes down to dollars and cents.

I don’t want to fight Lyoto Machida,” Jones told ESPN.com. “He was my lowest pay-per-view draw of last year. He’s a tough fighter, but no one wants to buy that fight.

I don’t think I have ever heard a UFC champion publicly moan about taking a fight based on a payoff. Silva’s camp never came out and claimed that fighting Weidman was a money issue, although it would certainly seem like it is. Jones on the other hand has no problem being brutally honest and telling the media that he doesn’t want to take a fight unless he is getting paid.

Inspiring thoughts from the champion aren’t they?

I can understand what Jones is saying about Machida because quite frankly, there aren’t a lot of fans excited about that fight. However, there is one big problem here. Jones has also refused to take the one fight that would offer him the biggest payday of his young career. Jones has flat out refused to fight Anderson Silva.

We’re in completely different weight classes. We both have sponsor deals and things that are really important to us. A big part of that sponsorship package is being a winning and being a champion. Having us fight each other means one of our championships goes away.

Wait a second? On the one hand, he doesn’t want to take a fight against the number one contender because he feels it isn’t worth it financially. On the other hand, he won’t take the big fight because he is afraid of losing an endorsement deal? Weight classes doesn’t seem to be a problem for Silva when he is asking to fight guys in a lighter division. You just can’t have it both ways champ! Could you imagine if Peyton Manning refused to play against Tom Brady because he’s afraid that the game would cost one of them an endorsement deal?

[adinserter block=”1″]It is really simple. Jon Jones and Anderson Silva can make history and put more money in their pockets in one night than at any other time in their careers by fighting one another. There is no good reason that two of the best athletes in MMA history have to not fight each other. Silva has fought in the weight class numerous times and Jones has cleaned out the top contenders. From this blogger’s standpoint the only thing standing in the way of this fight is greed and fear.

Refusing to take the fight is your choice, but don’t complain about your lousy pay days in the meantime.

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  1. I remember when Jon Jones first became a champ,a journalist (and a cameraman) interviewed A Silva.
    The journalist (dont remember his name or who he was) asked Silva if he wanted to fight JBJ.With a smile in his face,Silva said;"No….hes my friend and I dont fight my friends!" (he said it all in english btw…).
    I immediately thought since when they're friends?Cuz they meet at the last press-conference they're friends now?
    That was SO crazy…but if you think abt it,Silva's been fighting when and where he wanted!
    He always did.
    Both their manager probably spoke to each other abt what was coming.
    Anyway…a big disappointment it is.

    Good article.

    • It reminds me of when Lyoto Machida beat Rashad and looked unstoppable and someone asked Anderson then if he would fight Machida and he said no he's my brother. Some critic brought up that Silva will identify difficult opponents, buddy up, train with them, and then they are off limits. I read the same thing about Silva saying that about Jones and I believe when someone asked Dana White about it he went off.

      • You are right,I remember it too!

        But Silva and Lyoto….they (probably) are friends (I'm not saying its a good reason to avoid fighting each other tho!) and they have known each other for many yrs.But its the fighting business,right?

        But him(Silva) and JBJ…if they consider themselves "friends" then the WHOLE MMA community are friends (except the notable enemies)…its BS!!!

        And btw,Eric,I love the pic you did put on this page (JBJ & Silva).See how big Silva's face is? loll That guy cut a ridiculously amount of pounds to make weight!

        P.S:I'm sorry abt my English…I know its not very good,lol. Tnx

  2. yes, this is the obvious fight of the decade and i'm surprised dana white's not pushing for it more…to say that i'm disappointed is an understatement to hear anderson, called the best p4p fighter of all time, only call out people he has a good chance of beating is well, less than sporting of him…what happened to the guys who really want to challenge themselves, to prove to THEMSELVES, endorsements notwithstanding, that they are the best…how can they rest on their laurels and feel good about themselves as a fighter?…yes, they've turned into businessmen more than anything else…silva i understand is aging so is concerned about destroying his legacy, but jones (who i'm a huge fan of) is disappointingly playing it safe by avoiding silva…i know it can't be because they're friends because it didn't concern him with rashad…no he wanted that belt, but now that he's got it he can't call shots or orchestrate his way to keeping it…screw those endorsement deals…this is the fight i want to see…it may be a business after all, but it's in business for the fans!


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