Anderson Silva Hits Chael Sonnen In The Face At UFC 148 Weigh-ins


I don’t think there is anything more ridiculous than hyping a UFC weigh-in…unless it is Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen weighing in. Chael is certainly in Anderson’s head but it was Silva whose shoulder was in Sonnen’s face Friday at the UFC 148 weigh-in and had to be restrained by UFC officials.

[adinserter block=”2″]Chael Sonnen is definitely in Anderson Silva’s head and I don’t know if that is a good thing. Silva is known for being a cool, collected UFC fighter to the point that it has even annoyed Dana White at times. Well Silva has anything but cool or collected leading up to his UFC 148 fight with Chael Sonnen. Three days ago Silva had a look in his eyes as he approached Sonnen and had to be restrained. Friday, Silva was too quick for UFC personnel as he got physical with Chael at the weigh-in.

The video is tremendous. Silva actually shoulder strikes Sonnen right in the jaw as they are paired for a stare down. Even better is Sonnen no-selling the hit and Silva looking right at Sonnen as he was being pulled away. If I thought Anderson actually cared about business I’d accuse him and Sonnen of putting on a good old fashioned WWE work. I don’t and I am convinced that Anderson Silva wants to literally and figuratively break every one of Sonnen’s bones on at UFC 148.

[adinserter block=”1″]I know that hardcore MMA fans hate when UFC fights get all WWE in promotion but it works. I think with all of the hype and Silva’s recent actions over the last week that this fight will beat UFC 100 in buys. Once again the irony here is that I think it is the Spider who actually put this thing over the top with his media call, stare down at the press conference, and shoulder strike at the weigh-in.

This fight has a lot of hype to live up to and quite frankly, these kinds of UFC fights rarely live up to the hype. All I know is that Anderson Silva has become a man obsessed with physically destroying Chael Sonnen and will be coming to fight at UFC 148. For that, this show is worth every penny.

Check out the video UFC posted below for a great angle on the Silva-Sonnen incident from today’s weigh-in.

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    • If say Silva were to ignore the referees command to stop…and end up severely injuring an opponent, you think he'd go to jail? Also do you think Dana would strip Silva of the belt?


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