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An Open Letter to Billy Corgan

Dear Billy Corgan:

[adinserter block=”1″]As a lifelong wrestling fan and a fan of you5r music, I would like to offer you some sound advice about this possible impending purchase of TNA Wrestling. While it may seem a little odd coming from such a small fish like me, I do cove the business, and well, know a few things I would like to pass along – not as the gospel – but some thoughts of what not to do while trying to revive such a struggling franchise like TNA. So, Billy (May I call you Billy?

I feel we are close enough to you already to know this could be very helpful in the future) just listen a bit and if you choose to use my help, then I am grateful.

There seems to be this buzz that you may come in and change the landscape of the wrestling business, that your music ties to entertainment might outdo one Hulk Hogan and well, bring some sense of Hollywood drama to TNA. Please do not get me wrong when I say tis – but Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have already done enough of that – that fans want the name that is one the marquee, professional wrestling and most of all they want IMPACT!.

For that to happen, indulge me for a few minutes to expound on what we might like to see.

A little less talk and a lot more action

The problems with TNA are simple, the owners and writers feel the need to be in the spotlight and it dummies down the product. I say this because in my opinion, the talent and the matches themselves are so much better than the ones on the “Red” brand or the “Blue” Brand of the three-letter wrestling giant.

Sting, Kurt Angle, Magnus and your TNA Champion, AJ Styles – they all know how to wrestle. Christopher Daniels is a gem and so it Bobby Roode. The caliber of talent in your outfit is better, the time put into matches is better.

But seeing Hogan and Carter on television is not what we want to see.

Do not give us Hollywood gimmick crap

The reason I bring this up is simple. Bischoff and the WCW establishment thought it could do better than the product in front of it. The Insane Clown Posse. Kiss. Rappers.

Nine brands of the NWO. There are owners and management that reached too far, write themselves into scripts. Had movie stars capturing the NWA Title and reaching out to Jay Leno and others to go off the chain. It just did not work.

Go back to wrestling’s roots

Follow what worked. Find another Dusty Rhodes (I am available). Find out if fans want “loser leave town matches” or great vignettes to set up matches. Make Bobby Roode and James Storm a feud we need to see again. Go find the talents like D’Angelo Dinero and Matt Morgan. See if there is a chance Christian could come back.

Take a chance on managers again and true valets. James Mitchell could be a missing piece to your missing golden puzzle.

Do not have a pay-per-view event each month and saturate the cable channels with five shows that don’t hold merit. Have shows in small arenas, travel the south and stay true to the idea of the carnival scene.

Make wrestling matter again.

Know what does work

The thing that TNA does that the WWE is lost on is a balance of power. Singles, Tag Teams and Knockouts. The idea that any one of the three can open a show and close it down.

The idea that factions are still a good thing and know when to pull the plug on a heel and make him or her a face (Ken Anderson, Mickie James). Get more out of the middleweights and know that in the real word of wrestling, we want to see 70 percent mat time, 30 percent camera time.

I am not saying all of this will work, Billy. But what I am saying is that if you think about it, you are a fan of the business and the unknown. You believe in the thought of suspended disbelief. And most of all, you want to see wrestling succeed how you remember it once was.

[adinserter block=”2″]I hope that helps. And if you need more advice, you know where to find me.

Best of luck


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