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American Wolves VS. House of Truth…One Last Time – This Week on ROH TV

The American WolvesThis week ROH TV comes to us again from the Davis Arena in Louisville, Ky. Without further adue let’s get right to the action.

The Bravado Brothers VS. The Young Bucks

We all know about the wrestlers formerly known as Generation Me and their time spent in TNA. We also know about their try out with the WWE and whatever way you look at all that went down the bottom line is that the young bucks are back in ROH and it’s definitely our gain as this is one of the most exciting tag teams in the sport today with a very innovative style that allows them to fit into ROH quite well.

[adinserter block=”2″]The Young Bucks have a been wrestling for 7 years despite being only 22 and 24 years old. I could spend an entire recap on the double team action in this match and believe me theirs plenty of it to see but do yourself a favor and don’t take my word for it, visit and view this week’s episode for yourself and be the judge. Homegrown ROH talent the Bravado Bros. held their own and showcased some great tag team maneuver as well but in the end it was the young bucks hitting their finisher…”more bang for your buck” (which combines a rolling fireman’s carry followed by a 450 splash of the top and a moonsault) to pickup the win.

Your Winners The Young Bucks

Next we have the world’s greatest tag team in the ring cutting a promo on the Briscoes in anticipation of their match at Final Battle on Dec. 23rd and now they are joined by The All Night Express. The ANX are eager to point out that everyone seems to have forgotten about them but they are currently the hottest tag team in ROH and whomever comes out of the match at Final Battle between the WGTT and The Briscoes will have to contend with The All Night Express.

Inside ROH

This week ROH did a fantastic job of giving a complete history on the whole ROH vs. Kevin Steen saga. This segment did two things, it refreshed your memory of the entire situation from start to finish involving Steen and how his persona changed following his turn on El Generico 2 years ago to basically giving the finger to ROH to now vowing to return to ROH and exact revenge on Jim Cornette and all involved. It also show the role that Steve Corino played in spearheading this change in Steen and then realizing the error of his ways and now spending the better of a year asking for forgiveness from the ROH fans. Well done ROH!!!!

We are then given more insight and build up to the rematch between TV champion Jay Lethal and Mike Bennett that is bound to happen. Nothing really needs to be said here as ROH has spent the last 2 weeks giving recaps and this match should happen at Final Battle.

Kevin Kelly is interrupted by Steve Corino who once again says that Cornette has a problem and a monster on his hands and Corino is the guy to handle the situation. Of course we know he is talking about Steen and Corino pleads his case to Cornette to give him 5 minutes to state his intentions and to handle the monster.

The American Wolves VS. The House of Truth

This match needs no recap or build up as there is plenty of bad blood to go around. Richards is in the unique of situation of being the target of all 3 men in this match. This match also features 2 former world champions in Edwards and Strong as well as the current ROH champ Richards. All of the men in this match have faced each other in singles action. It doesn’t seem as if the wolves have missed a beat as they start the match on fire and get the early advantage with a 2 count thanks to a missile dropkick from the top by Richards. Richards continues to pour it on with his trademark crisp strikes to the head and body really reminds me Chris Benoit. The wolves take to the outside with a double suicide dive!!!! Edwards nailed a sweet combo of his backpack chinbreaker into his Achilles lock before Strong is able to get to the ropes to break the hold. The action hits the ring apron with Strong delivering his devastation side suplex on the apron nearly breaking Edwards back in half!!!!

There were times in this match where Elgin looked like an absolute monster. He is definitely one of the stronger wrestlers in the business. The wolves hit top rope double stomps from opposite corners and then took turns kicking Elgin’s skull in and he still kicked out. Truth Martini ran interference and it actually worked against the H.O.T and when it seemed like Elgin had Richards pinned Todd Sinclair was distracted and Edwards entered the ring and applied a dragon sleeper with a body lock on Elgin which allowed Richards to cover Elgin for the win.

[adinserter block=”1″]Your Winners The American Wolves

Closing Thoughts

This main event was off the charts!!!! An interesting thing to note is that just last week Edwards stated that he has been training with someone new and doing his own submission style training and then tonight we see Edwards debut a new submission hold that ultimately leads to his team picking up the win. Edwards showed a news side to his game that should have Richards worried come Dec 23rd at Final Battle. This match showed why ROH is the best wrestling you will see on TV!!!

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