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American Idol Winner ‘Laine Hardy’ Arrested for Spying on Female Students

Laine Hardy, the ‘American Idol’ winner, is alleged of spied on female students and has been handed a warrant. The singer addressed the situation on social media and claimed that he will cooperate.

Hardy was recognized as a result of his appearance on the show. Laine Hardy first auditioned for American Idol’s 16th season in 2018. However, he did not do well that season, finishing barely in the top 50.

The signer had no intention of auditioning for the 2019 season 17, but joined his buddy Ashton Gill to play guitar at her audition, and was urged to audition once more by judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie.

And then you know the rest of the story. He did, in fact, win the 17th season of the show. But now these allegations? Let’s go in-depth about what’s going on.

American Idol Winner ‘Laine Hardy’ Is Accused Of Spying On Female Students 

The Louisiana State University Police Department is investigating the 21-year-old singer. As previously stated, Laine Hardy discussed this on social media.

The artist says that he was presented with a warrant as a result of allegations leveled against him and that he has cooperated fully with the Louisiana State University Police Department.

He also mentioned that he humbly requests solitude at this time. And he will ‘cooperate’ with the authorities.

He penned, “Earlier today, I received a warrant due to allegations made against me and have been fully cooperative with the Louisiana State University Police Department.

I understand that my career has thrust me into the public spotlight, and I embrace that wholeheartedly as my entire world belongs to my music and my fans. However, due to the sensitive nature of this allegation, I humbly ask for privacy at this time.

I have the utmost respect for the law and will assist in their investigation as needed moving forward.”

Laine Hardy’s Attorney Confirmed The Warrant

C Frank Holthaus, Hardy’s attorney, confirmed the allegations against him and stated that he had received a warrant.

“Mr. Hardy did receive a warrant for his arrest earlier today and has been and will continue to be completely cooperative with the Louisiana State University Police Department on this matter.”

Ernie Ballard, an LSU spokesman, acknowledged Hardy’s arrest.

“Laine Reed Hardy (Non-LSU student) was arrested by LSU Police today and booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison for violation of 15:1303 — Interception and Disclosure of Wire, Electronic, or Oral Communication. His arrest warrant has been filed with the clerk of court.”

Allegations On Laine Hardy For Spying Female Students: What Actually Happened?

You may be wondering, although the star has acquired a warrant, what exactly happened. According to the warrant of arrest, on April 6, 2022, a woman and her roommate discovered a voice recorder inside their college dorm in Azalea Hall on the LSU campus.

Well, she informed officers she discovered the tape recorder, which looked like a phone charger, under her couch. She looked up the item on Google and understood that it was actually a recorder and it was something Hardy implanted.

The female also admitted to having a ‘relationship’ with Laine before. They called the cops the next day to report their revelation.

According to authorities, they discovered evidence of hidden recordings made on ten various days in February of this year.

What are your thoughts on this incident? We will keep you posted regarding the future revelations of this particular instance.



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