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American Idol Sucks…But I’ll Still Watch

So, this season of American Idol is no different than the other 11 seasons regarding the talented/untalented singers, however, instead of offering snarky feedback, these judges are fairly boring and a little too nice if you ask me. I like to believe I have fairly good taste in music and can tell a nice voice when I hear one, so I’ve always enjoyed AI, however, what I enjoyed most of all was the Simon-like character not afraid to crush a funny-looking 19 year olds dream…is that wrong?

[adinserter block=”1″]Is it wrong that we live in a society where we would rather watch mean, inappropriate, offensive commentary, than nice, encouraging words? According to the crude reality TV shows American’s watch, I think it is safe to say we no longer enjoy good, wholesome TV anymore. Just think about Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of Orange County, Dance Moms…and the list goes on!

On a brighter note, I have to say I really like Nicki Minaj; she has a spunky personality and the unexpected thing about her is how she hits on all the cute country looking guys. I didn’t think her taste in men would be so untraditional in regards to her style, but they are obviously her thing according to her frequently asked question “Do you have a girlfriend”? She flirts with everyone the entire time..men and women, which is actually pretty funny to watch. She is the only judge that makes the show entertaining. She isn’t mean or anything, but she has a fun way of saying hell no to contestants without having to crush their entire world…I can respect that.

Let’s move on to Mariah Carey, who can’t cry enough on this show or possibly “relate” to more singers. Any story told, from cancer, to car accident, to shyness, she can relate to all and that association brings along these somewhat awkward tears. Why does she cry so much? And can she really relate to the kid who didn’t think he was good enough to sing in front of others? Really? And her “feud” with Nicki seems like BS to me. I can barely believe it. Mariah doesn’t really say anything. It’s all about Nicki, she is always the first to talk. We should probably rename the show to the Nicki Minaj Idol, since she has a way of taking over.

Now let’s talk about that good looking country star who is again….super nice and sincere. I am no country fan, but I certainly can appreciate the music. Keith Urban is so sweet to almost every contestant and I’m sure he knows good music/singing when he hears it, but let’s be honest, he made the cut because he is an attractive man….very attractive. I can’t even think of anything bad to say about him, he’s just so damn nice…makes me sick!

[adinserter block=”2”]Oh and finally, Randy Jackson, you know the only original judge that has nothing else better to do? Well, he is back. He and Nicki Minaj seem to really enjoy each others company. They sit there and are often times the only ones laughing? It’s a little odd. So, obviously, he’s accomplished much in the past, but I think his AI days are over. He isn’t very entertaining, doesn’t really criticize contestants, he doesn’t cause any drama, and he isn’t exceptionally good looking, so I’m sorry to say Mr. Randy Jackson, but I think we’re done here!

And there it is my in-depth wrap-up of this season’s American Idol. Not too exciting, huh? But will I DVR every episode….absolutely!!



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