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American Actor Fred Ward, ‘The Right Stuff’ Star, Dies at 79

Famous American actor and producer Fred Ward passed away at the age of 79 years old. Fred, who was famous for his roles in “The Right Stuff”, “Tremors” etc died on Sunday only on May 8th, 2022. The news was confirmed by the actor’s publicist Ron Hoffman. The reason behind the unfortunate and sudden death of the actor has not been revealed yet.

As soon as the news broke, condolences and tributes started pouring for the late actor. Fred’s publicist Ron stated that “Fred Ward was unusual in that his word choices were so unpredictable that you never knew where you’d find him. In Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, he plays Remo Williams, a cop trained by Chiun, Master of Sinanju (Joel Grey) to become an unstoppable assassin.”

“If not that then an Earl Bass, who, alongside Kevin Bacon, battles giant, worm-like monsters hungry for human flesh in the cult horror/comedy film Tremors (1990); or a detective in the indie film Two Small Bodies (1993), directed by underground filmmaker Beth (2011)”, he remarked.

Further, Fred’s co-star in Tremor Kevin Bacon too paid tribute to his late co-star and a really good friend. He stated “Fred Ward’s death is heartbreaking. I couldn’t have asked for a greater ally in the fight against basement worms. I’ll never forget our long hot days in the high desert talking about his love of Django Reinhardt and jazz guitar. Fred, may you rest in peace.” Kevin also posted a picture of them on his official Twitter handle which depicted their camaraderie.

Bacon has been very vocal about his love and respect for Fred and his career. A recent interview with Bacon revealed how he enjoyed spending time with Fred and his overall company. He stated, “Fred has a real, authentic American cowboy, man-of-the-earth persona, which I thought was a really terrific, unique pick.”

He further stated ”Well, who’s a hilarious man we can put in this part?’ You could have thought. However, they did not cast in that manner. They were looking for some authenticity in that role, and I felt he did a fantastic job with that… He’s such an odd character that I was immediately drawn to him, and we had a great time together in the desert.”

This was Fred throughout his lifetime. He used to create a massive impact on whoever visited or talked to him. Fred never disappointed anyone including his co-stars and family. He started his career by acting in a small role in an Italian Television movie, that too in 1973. Subsequently, he fetched these big roles for his career.

Not only this, Fred is a multitasker for a reason as he has also served in the US Air Force for three long years, even before he entered acting. A boxer, cook, actor, producer, and whatnot, there was nothing that Fred could not do. Hence, it is quite an emotional moment to lose such a gem.



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