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Amber Alert Issued for Three Abducted Girls in Oklahoma

It’s the case of a non-custodial abduction.

An AMBER Alert was issued by authorities in Oklahoma. The alert was issued for three children in the Pittsburg County area and the officials were asking for the help of local residents in locating the three abducted girls.

The suspect and the victims have already been identified by the Sheriff’s office and the identities have been revealed for the public to see and help find the involved people in the abduction.

Here is everything we know about the alert so far including the identities of the victims and the suspects:

What Is the Alert About?

On Friday, an Amber alert was issued by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. According to the alert and some representatives from the authorities, the highway patrol officials were searching for two suspects involved in the abduction of three children.

According to the officials, the three children were last spotted on Friday morning at 7:30 am in block 2200 of Daisy Road situated in McAlester. The officials have also revealed that the Amber Alert was issued and classified as a non-custodial abduction.

Non-custodial abduction involves a parent who does not have legal custody over their child and can be convicted of parental kidnapping if they refuse to follow the rules. A non-custodial parent only has permission to have their child on a limited basis or they only have visitation rights over their child.

Identities of Suspects and Victims

The identities of the suspects and the three victim children have been revealed along with the Amber Alert. The officials of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol claimed to be looking for two suspects, Alexandria Aranda aged 36, and 33-year-old Moises Aranda.

The three children that have been identified are named Areli Aranda aged 10, Raxziel Aranda aged 8 years, and 10-month-old Zamirah Aranda. According to reports, Alexandria Aranda is supposedly the mother of the three abducte4d children.

As of now Moises Aranda, the father of the children, and a gold Chevrolet Equinox 2010 model have been located by the authorities however, the mother Alexandria, and the three children are still missing. The reports say that the located Chevrolet was supposedly the vehicle that the abducted children were kept in.

What Is an Amber Alert?

AMBER stands for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response and is also known as a child abduction emergency alert. The SAME code or the Specific Area Message Encoding Code for an Amber Alert is CAE.

The alert is a message distributed by the officials of a child abduction alert system asking the public to help in locating the abducted children. The alert originated after Amber Rene Hagerman who was abducted and murdered in 1996.

The latest news has confirmed that Moises Aranda was been apprehended by the authorities. The Amber alert was canceled around 10 am CDT and the officials claimed that the three children have been found safe.



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