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Amazon Studios Lands the Right on ‘Ending Things’: Anthony Mackey and Priyanka Chopra in Lead Roles

Amazon Studios might have bagged themselves a good one this time.

A recent report by Deadline claims that the studio that has finally landed the rights to Ending Things, an upcoming romantic thriller is Amazon Studios. The competition for the rights to this movie was a pretty heated one but finally, Amazon got it in the bag in the end.

So what exactly got the potential buyers so heated that they had to compete so fiercely for this movie? Well, that is where we tell you about the stars that will be appearing in the movie and the interesting but used plot of the movie.

Here is everything we know about ‘Ending Things’ so far:

What is ‘Ending Things’ About?

Well, as its name implies, the movie is about ending things. The movie genre has been reported to be a romantic thriller and it might be similar to some movies in the past like ‘True Lies’ and also reminiscent of Bradd Pitt and Angelina Jolie starred ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’.

The movie reportedly follows the story of a female assassin who is done with the killing business and has finally decided that she wants out of it. She goes ahead and informs his business partner about it but the cliché is that she is romantically involved with this business partner.

So if she is going to get out of the assassination business then she will also have to give up her romance with her business partner. She starts getting second thoughts about breaking the bond with her partner but is still dead set on giving up the assassination. They two do a final gig together where they have to survive, the mission as well as their breakup as they join forces for the last time.

Who Is in the Movie?

Deadline reports that Anthony Mackie and Priyanka Chopra Jonas have apparently signed for this project already earlier in 2022 and are set to appear in the lead roles for the movie. So this could lead to speculations that, Priyanka might be the female assassin and Anthony will most probably be the supposed business partner and love interest.

Priyanka will be the executive producer of the movie through her banner, Purple Pebble Pictures, and Anthony will also be executive producing the movie through his Make It With Gravy Productions banner.

The movie will be initially scripted by Kevin Sullivan who will also be directing the movie. However, not many details have surfaced about the script so far and both the lead actors are pretty busy with their schedules for other movies that they are scheduled to star in.

Are you excited about the movie? Let us know in the comments.



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