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Amazon Set to Acquire TV Series of The ‘God of War’ Game

Amazon is seemingly expanding its video game TV series lineup.

Amazon is eying to acquire the TV series of popular God of War video games. Reports say that the discussion is going on and negotiations are underway.

The TV adaptation of God of War will follow the same storyline as the video game. Here are more details:

What is God of War About?

The video game storyline of God of War is based on ancient Greek mythology which features Kratos, a Spartan warrior. Kratos is tricked into killing his own family and is haunted by nightmares throughout the story.

Kratos is sent by the Greek gods to kill the god of war, Ares and later on in the game, it is revealed that Kratos was a former servant of Ares. The game progresses as Kratos acquires the title of God of War for himself.

God of War was first released in 2005 by Sony corporation as an action-adventure game. It attracted a lot of attention from both players and critics alike with its beautiful visuals, a great plot, and tons of exciting quests and gameplay.

The popularity of the first installment of the game led to the further production of the sequels and multiple spin-offs of the game. God of War II also earned great feedback after it was released to PlayStation 2 in 2007 as it concluded Kratos’ revenge story in a spectacular way.

What Will Be the Series About?

A report from Deadline claims that Amazon Prime Video is in talks with PlayStation to make a live-action TV series of God of War. The adaptation will be coming from Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, who are the creators and executive producers of The Expanse.

Rafe Judkins, who is the executive producer and showrunner of The Wheel of Time will also be joining the fray along with the collaboration of PlayStation productions and Sony Pictures Television.

If the negotiations are successful, then this project would wind up to be one of the biggest deals for a TV series based on a popular video game. Once the deal is done, then God of War will be the latest in the lineup for a video game jumping to the live-action adaptation along with The Last of Us and Twisted Metal.

The live-action adaptation will follow a similar plot as the game and will focus on the journey of Kratos in the Greek world and will follow his revenge story as in the game.

However, God of War will not be the only adaptation of a video game as Amazon is also developing TV series of popular video games Fallout and Mass Effect.



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