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brodus clayIn this current era of professional wrestling, a lot of wrestling fans have a problem with the WWE’s PG product. Every week you can hear a collective groan of angry fans complaining in YouTube videos and message board posts complaining about John Cena , HHH, who’s supposed to win, who’s supposed to lose, it’s a become a big nest of negativity. I, for one actually enjoy PG wrestling when done right, because it really is no different from the wrestling I watched when I was a youngster.

Everyone has this preconceived notion that PG means limitations, but I see it as an opportunity to capture a mainstream audience. I am for this PG era, because I want more wrestling fans to come out of the shadows and share their love for wrestling without the negativity. Some fans like go to shows and watch everything just to nitpick and cross their arms, as if to say impress us, but I think they should open their minds a bit and do what the John Cena shirt says: RISE ABOVE HATE.

I think the main reason for this pessimism is because most of these fans that despise PG wrestling are grown adults. I can totally see where they are coming from; as older fans want more mature and well thought out storylines like in say a Dexter or a Breaking Bad. I get that and sometimes I agree with that. I would love to see more in depth stories with twists and turns that have continuity and intrigue, but WWE can still do that in a PG setting. Think back to the time of when you fell in love with wrestling. What was the main storyline of the time that drew you in? For a lot of you it would be a plethora of Hulk Hogan feuds or smaller guys V.S bigger guys. All very simplistic tales told so that everyone can understand and relate. This is wrestling 101 it doesn’t have to be R Rated to get their points across.

Perhaps it’s the brutality that people want to see again. More chairs, tables, ladders, and blood. Maybe fans today think the PG format is too soft compared to the wrestling of the 90’s. With ECW and the attitude era creating exciting matches and moments it is hard to top what was seen back then. However, wrestling is a show and these wrestlers put their bodies on the line to entertain the fans. If the lack of foreign objects can extend the careers of some of my favorite wrestlers I’m ok with the PG style of wrestling.

Sure, I do love specialty matches and some great matches featured hardcore paraphernalia, but now that things are toned down a bit, brutal situations will mean more. Who didn’t become glued to their television screens during Wrestlemania 28 when the Undertaker and HHH took their match to a whole new level? It became more exciting and more epic because it was done on the right stage in the right situation. If everybody threw somebody through a table in their matches it would become stale and antiquated. There would be no excitement anymore. This PG era will retrain the audience to come unglued when wrestlers are put in those situations of violence.

PG wrestling will not be the death of wrestling, as a whole new generation of fans are tuning in every week. Kids that are watching now will grow up and complain about why wrestling isn’t like it was before just like some of you do now. I can see the posts of the future: John Cena is way better than Current Wrestler A, This product sucks, and wrestling just isn’t what it used to be! We as wrestling fans are just getting older and that’s how it will always be. Do you think your Granddad the wrestling purist enjoyed the cartoonish Hulk Hogan and his Rock N Wrestling?

Probably not. Do you think his son, your dad approved of the risqué nature of late 90’s wrestling when you watched it, probably not, and we will do the same thing as long as we grow older as wrestling fans. If you look back on some segments and matches that held a place in your heart in wrestling growing up, some of them won’t hold up today. It’s just the nature of the beast. So when you disagree with something in the current WWE spectrum, don’t blame the PG format. Take a step back and realize that these will be the new glory days for some. So just enjoy and try not to be negative. There is positivity in the WWE product somewhere. PG doesn’t have to mean pure garbage. It can mean Pure Gold!

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