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Allied Powers – The World’s Worst WWE Tag Teams

Allied Powers The new WWE DVD, Allied Powers- The World’s Greatest Tag Teams got me thinking. Maybe it was the name “Allied Powers,” but I started thinking of the WWE’s Worst Tag Teams. Man, did WWE have some terrible teams over the years.

It was hard to narrow down all of the bad teams over the years. My opinion may differ from yours, but these are teams that I just found incredibly boring. Even as a kid I remember turning the channel whenever some of these teams would come on WWE television. I am starting to cringe just thinking about some of these teams.

I tried to keep the list to regular tag teams. So a team that may have appeared once or twice whether good or bad won’t be on the list. I also kept current teams off of the list. My reasoning is that honestly, the golden era of tag team wrestling is over. I wanted to dig deep and find bad teams stuck in great WWE or WWF eras of tag team of wrestling.

[adinserter block=”1″]Lex Luger and Davey Boy Smith – The Allied Powers – I find it ironic that the name of a DVD spotlighting the greatest tag teams is the same name of one of the worst teams. This team was beyond bad. Topping it off, even the most casual wrestling fan could see that these two had no chemistry whatsoever. It is no surprise at all that Lex Luger bolted for WCW as soon as he could during his time in the Allied Powers.

X Pac and Justin Credible – X-Factor – This was one of the only bombs during the Stone Cold era of WWE wrestling. Just about everyone and everything was hot during this era of WWE wrestling. Unfortunately these two guys never seemed to click in the ring or with the fans. ECW fans are still bitter about the raw deal they feel one of their own got in the WWE. Sadly, neither one of these guys were able to recover from this disaster.

Ken Patera and Billy Jack Haynes – It is no surprise that both of these guys have taken shots at each other over the years in interviews. This was a disappointing team to say the least. The team was supposed to wrestle Demolition at WrestleMania IV but Billy Jack wound up giving notice. Ken Patera left shortly thereafter. This was probably the worst era of one of the all-time WWE greats, Ken Patera.

The Beverly Brothers – I interviewed these guys a year ago and really liked them. However, they were a terribly boring team in the WWE. I just could never get into any of their matches. Keep in mind that the Beverly Brothers wrestled in a great era of tag team wrestling in the WWE. They could never get off the ground and reach the success that they had the AWA.

Hercules and Paul Roma – Power and Glory – This one never had a chance from the start. Paul Roma was a former preliminary wrestler and no matter how much they tried, fans never bought it. They actually had some decent matches against the Rockers. Unfortunately Roma’s WWE history prevented this one from ever getting a decent shot at power or glory in the WWE.

Men on a Mission – This team consisted of Mo and Mabel managed by Oscar. Oscar was a terrible imitation of Flavor Flav, the hype man of the group. Mabel would do the most ridiculous looking dancing following their matches. Mabel would go onto success as a singles wrestler, but in my mind would continue to suck. Mo and Oscar just seemed to disappear from the WWE, other than some sporadic independent wrestling appearances.

Chuck and Billy – How crazy is it that this team was involved in one of the most publicized angles in WWE history? The team was a takeoff of the ambiguously gay duo of SNL fame. While they never acknowledged they were gay, they teased it all the way to having a mock wedding. Incidentally, Howard Stern played clips of Eric Bischoff from this angle for months following the angle.

[adinserter block=”2″]The Bushwackers – What a letdown this run was for longtime fans of the Sheepherders. These guys went from wrestling barbed wire caged matches to slapstick wrestling overnight. The opponents of the Bushwackers loved wrestling them. It was an easy night for them, yet a boring night for the fans. This was the beginning of the end in my opinion for the WWE.

Honorable Mentions:

Col. Mustafa and Sgt. Slaughter
Road Dogg and K-Kwik
Mike Rotunda and Dan Spivey
Money Inc.
The Young Stallions
Brutus Beefcake and Hulk Hogan
Tatanka and King Kong Bundy
Test and Albert
The Godwinns
Techno Team 2000
The Machines
Owen Hart and Koko B. Ware – High Energy
Hillbilly Jim and Uncle Elmer
Cpl. Kirchner and George Steele
Well Dunn

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  1. I dunno if you have an editor or not, but..

    I believe the word you were looking for was "ambiguously". "Androgynously" means something completely different.

  2. Power and Glory were an incredible team. One of the best finishing moves ever. Just couldn't get over. MONEY Inc was one of the top teams of that generation. Bushwackers were in there 40s, never going to be champs but were a COMMERCIAL success.

  3. the sad thing is: half these team could've been great or before WWE, WERE great ..The Beverly Brothers- good team BAD GIMMICK.Power and Glory ..good team i thought.US Express II:lame sequel to a great team Spivey was no Windham,Billy and Chuck:That was the whole idea but i thought they were decent but i would've called them the Chuck & Suck Connection.Young Stallions limted Gimmick.BushWACKERS?..WWE made them cuddly if the did a heel turn it would've been AWESOME!! most of the other were what i called "band-aid" cause there was no real divsion at that time


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