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All Isn’t Well That Does Not End Well

One again the WWE does its best impersonation of Charlie Brown missing the football. Just when we think there will be a new star in the company – one that could surpass his cousin, The Rock, The WWE screws Roman Reigns in ways that just make me sick. And the sad part is this Royal Rumble was an ebb and flow of idiocy that made me want to turn the damn thing off half way through the event and ask for my $44.99 back.

[adinserter block=”1″]Note to the WWE: When you have four men – CM Punk, Reigns, Batista and Sheamus in the final four of your first pay-per-view event of the year, don’t make your drama too obvious – build on the growth of this kid and see what happens. Since the crowds have begun to stand firmly behind Reigns and his obvious retaliation against his “brothers” Sunday night, there was a golden opportunity to really upset the apple cart. And you guys as a company failed miserably.

For this very reason, we are pissed off at wrestling. We are mad at the establishment, the need to rehash everything old and every sad and poor. We fumble when we see the likes of Ric Flair and wilted Shawn Michaels and a fading Jim Duggan. Our senses about our heroes of tomorrow and today, and the fact of all the 30 participants in the first pay-per-view of the year, the WWE screws it up. AGAIN!

Reigns is the perfect antidote for the desire of Vince and the boys to leave Daniel Bryan off the championship ladder, to make John Cena a mark now for The Wyatts, for establishing a new corporate type in Kane that will feud with CM Punk and leave Triple H behind a desk.

While I write this, I think of Mark Madden and Mike Mooneyham and Dave Meltzer, those who are in the “know” about this stuff and still cannot change its canvas. How wrestling should be a forward-thinking business and how minds like Eddie Graham, Dusty Rhodes and Jim Cornette have either left us or have been caught up in other promotions or business within the business. How a man like Paul Heyman is still the greatest evil mind of this decade and how he could save the WWE if given for support.

But we get this drivel we saw tonight and how it is cool to see the New Age Outlaws win the tag team titles, and to see JBL in the Rumble match for all but a sip of coffee. How predictable Batista winning it was and how Sheamus’ return to the ring may have been the worst kept secret in all of professional wrestling.

If I sound pissed and disgruntled, maybe I am and with good reason. I want the secrecy and the passion and the sexiness that goes along with each match, each promo and each build – much like Graham and Crockett and Rhodes promoted and the likes of Gagne, Von Erich and Owens all followed like it was a how-to book to promote a great wrestling card.

Those are the days gone by when some guy names McMahon Sr. worked hard to hold true.

Maybe McMahon Jr. ruined it for all of us. And someone from the past like Gordon Solie, with his belief that the name on the marquee is wrestling and that is what the fans have come to see. But not even a god like Solie can make that work anymore.

[adinserter block=”2″]The show tonight was more entertainment (and half assed at that until the Rumble match) and even then we all have to stop and ask ourselves – was it fake, or are we fake in believing the WWE really thought Randy Orton and Batista would generate as much pull as a rising wrestler who used to walk with him – but now stands alone.

Funny how Batista won the battle (and the trip to WrestleMania XXX) but in the end Reigns may have won the war and two new monikers – fan favorite and superstar.

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