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Alistair Overeem Licensed To Fight Big Foot At UFC 156

[adinserter block=”1″]Alistair Overeem is signed to fight Big Foot Silva at UFC 156. Overeem however is suspended and needed to plea forgiveness to the NSAC on Tuesday to get re-licensed. He did and will take only his second UFC fight in February.

Overeem was suspended for nine months after returning a testosterone-to-epitestosterone (T/E) level of 14:1 prior to his scheduled UFC 146 title fight last year with Junior Dos Santos. The UFC had booked Overeem tentatively to return at UFC 156 provided he could get licensed. After all was said and done it was nothing but a mere formality for the Strikeforce heavyweight champion.

If you expected the Nevada State Athletic Commission to grill Overeem you were mistaken. The hearing was more about what they could do better to test as opposed to Overeem and the shenanigans he pulled up through the last hearing. The quack doctor, the elaborate tales, and running away from a test were never addressed. Instead Overeem was practically given a happy ending on the way out and granted his license to fight.

Look let me make this perfectly clear. I am an Overeem fan. I want to see Overeem fight and I think he should have been reinstated unless he failed any recent tests. However, I think the kid gloves treatment of a guy who made a mockery of their last hearing was one of the biggest embarrassments I have seen related to a sports commission. Considering the background of this case, this hearing today was as big of a sham as the first one.

Now that we are past that, Overeem will look to continue his winning streak next month at UFC 156. Overeem will fight fellow ex-Strikeforce alumni Antonio Big Foot Silva underneath the Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar UFC featherweight title fight. The heavyweights are scheduled to co-headline the pay per view event.

A win from Overeem should lock up a dance with UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. Overeem spent a lot of time building up a grudge fight with Junior Dos Santos last year which looks like will be all for nothing. I find Overeem vs. Velasquez to be more of an intriguing fight, yet the grudge was obviously the bigger sell at the box office.

Overeem claimed in his hearing on Tuesday to be “bigger” and healthier than he was before. When Overeem fights on February 2, it will be over one year since he fought his last fight. That is a lot of rust to shake off.

[adinserter block=”2″]An interesting back story to the fight is that Overeem and Silva were actually scheduled to fight in the semifinal round of the Strikeforce Grand Prix Heavyweight tournament in 2011. Overeem withdrew due to injury and eventually went to the UFC. Daniel Cormier wound up replacing Overeem, who beat Silva, and then beat Josh Barnett in the finals to win the tournament.

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