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Alistair Overeem Fails Pre-Fight Drug Test, UFC 146 Main-Event In Jeopardy

Alistair Overeem UFC 146UFC fans were already expecting lots of knockouts at the all-heavyweight UFC 146 pay per view event, but the first has come today. Alistair Overeem has reportedly failed a pre-fight drug test that is expected to knock him out of the main-event slot against Junior Dos Santos.

The news broke earlier today and to some, it was no surprise. Overeem was tested last Tuesday following a press conference with several other fighters. According to numerous reports, Overeem failed his test and tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone.

[adinserter block=”2″]“Overeem’s “A” sample was flagged for an elevated T/E ratio that exeeded 10-to-1, well over the 6-to-1 limit. Kizer said the heavyweight has the right to request the test’s “B” sample, which, if negative, would make him eligible to receive a fight license.

Frank Mir, Antonio Silva, Cain Velasquez, and Roy Nelson were also tested last week. All of the heavyweight sluggers came up clean and will proceed to the summer event.

The questions surrounding PED’s have always been the yellow elephant in the room with Overeem. Overeem missed a pre-fight drug test before his UFC 141 fight against Brock Lesnar. His reasons were certainly questionable to those keeping an objective opinion of the situation. Overeem did later pass all of his UFC 141 tests but was ordered to submit to random testing in the future.

Overeem is an interesting situation right now in that he does not have a fight license. If licensed, he would face disciplinary action from the NSAC. Overeem’s license expired on December 31. Overeem will need to get licensed for the UFC 146 bout. Many expect that when Overeem does indeed apply for the license that he will get turned down due to this failed test. I do find it curious that with under two months to go that the UFC would sit tight waiting for one half of the main-event to get licensed.

Overeem has always had a dark cloud of suspicion when it comes to performance enhancing drugs. Over the course of a short time period Overeem dramatically changed his physique and boosted himself up to heavyweight. Overeem mainly fought internationally during that time period and wasn’t tested. There were many that suspected once Overeem signed with the UFC that he would get popped sooner than later and unfortunately for Overeem fans, they were right.

I do want to point out that the UFC 146 hasn’t officially been scrapped. Yet I can’t fathom the NSAC granting Overeem a license after failing a test, especially well over 6-to-1 limit. With no clear cut number one contenders in the heavyweight division, this presents quite an interesting predicament to the UFC.

My hunch is that the UFC will pull someone from the other two main-events and give them the championship fight against Dos Santos. By all rights Frank Mir should get the title shot. While I haven’t been too impressed with Mir lately, he is the only one with a winning record. Mir is 3-0 in his last three fights with all wins over name heavyweights. It won’t nearly be as flashy as Overeem vs. Dos Santos but I think that Mir vs. JDS is the right thing to do here.

Cain Velasquez is the wild card here. The best move for business would be to thrust Velasquez into the championship fight. The UFC is giving Frankie Edgar an immediate rematch against Ben Henderson, so why not do the same for Velasquez? Velasquez reportedly fought hurt, real hurt in his loss to Junior Dos Santos. Why not reward that sacrifice with an immediate rematch? This is certainly the best fight for business.

[adinserter block=”1″]Back to Overeem. I wouldn’t count him out of the UFC. The UFC appears to have a very loose policy when it comes to PED offenders. Heck, Sean Sherk got a championship fight with his first bout back after suspension. If you can draw money, you won’t be punished, and right now Overeem is a draw. I would suspect that Overeem gets his title shot upon his return.

But will it be against Junior Dos Santos, Cain Velasquez, or Frank Mir?

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