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Alberto “dull” Rio vs. Rip Van Winkle in a WWE World Title Siesta

[adinserter block=”1″]In their haste to capitalize on the return of “Mr. Monday” night the WWE put together a story line and pushed it passed the point of no return. Let’s face it, this story line didn’t make sense to begin with and it sure doesn’t make sense now. Unless the point of the feud is to kill off the popularity of both character’s so that Sandow will get a shot at being the champion without being in anyone shadow. This feud is not doing this title any favors, we need a story that will give some credibility back to the World Title.

The first problem with this story line is that it not only was rushed but it was forced. The best feuds and the best stories are the ones that seem like they could actually happen. Take the angle ADR worked with Christian, it had nothing to do with ADR. It was all about Christian getting one last shot at the top. It could have been anyone with the title and the angle would have seemed “real.” The RVD angle had very little build-up and RVD’s relationship with Ricardo Rodriguez feels like it was the only way they could justify getting RVD to feud with ADR. There is no story here, no reason for the fans care about this at all except for some RVD nostalgia.

The second problem is that the story line doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. ADR has been calling himself the champion of his people, the Latino people. Obviously because he is a heel the people don’t want him as champion. So in this story shouldn’t there be a Latino face to counter this Latino heel to be the champion for the Latino people? The only superstar on the roster that could fill this spot right now is Rey Mysterio but he isn’t cleared to come back yet. So who do you match up with Del Rio, Hunico? Unless there is plan to get Mysterio involved here real soon why even move forward with this story? Having Ricardo Rodriguez play the Latino face opposite ADR is not bad and there is a story and a history to it, but he needs have a Latino superstar for the wrestling part.

The third problem with this angle is the simple fact that these guys are boring. Neither of them are super exciting on the mic, their promos lack charisma. “Rob Van Dam” is basically the WWE version of “Get-R-Done.” RVD can say just about anything that he wants and then tell everyone that he his “Rob Van Dam” and he gets cheered. Just like Larry the Cable guy can just say Get-R-Done when he needs to get the audience on his side. His look and his promos are the same as they were years ago, but the business and the fans have changed. This laid back “it’s all good bro” attitude is sort of out, making it hard to connect with him.

He can be electric in the ring but without some decent mic work he is just a good in the ring and that won’t draw for very long. I have had a hard time watch Del Rio wrestle for a while, he is good but it is just not electric. Then he added all those kicks, you know the ones where you slap your leg. Both of their match routines are predictable, and I know that you can that about a lot of guys but for some reason these guys just put me to sleep. Oh, and Del Rio isn’t even good at the slap and kick. Sometimes the slap doesn’t match the kick. How do you “super kick” a guy 4 times during a match when HBK only did it once as his finish? I’m sorry but this guys need a ying to their yang, and when these two wrestle we are watching yang and yang.

[adinserter block=”2″]I am not sure where this angle will go; sadly I am just ready for it to be over. It is time for the WWE to wake up from this World Title nap and inject some life back into the World Title picture.

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  1. The good thing is I think that if the RVD wins and Sandow cashes in they could get away with completely dropping ADR and RVD out of the story line. ADR can't win becuase I think it would confuse the fans if a heel took it from a heel and I don't thin that Sandow is even close to being over as a face. I also think that is ok for him to move away from his feud with Rhodes, there is history there so they can work it back in later. Thanks for the comment. TSMPDX=Jason DuClos

  2. Chances are very high that Lord Sandow will cash in this Sunday. Otherwise, I don't know what else they can do with this…unless they SOMEHOW convince the casual fans that Ricardo had been fooling everyone all this time and WWE will allow him to wrestle seriously against Del Rio in a feud. It's unlikely that will happen, so Sandow cashing in Sunday is my best bet.


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