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Alberto Del Rio “Shoots” On The Miz In Radio Interview

Alberto Del RioFormer WWE champion Alberto Del Rio is making some news with comments he made outside of the wrestling rings last week. In a radio interview Del Rio went out of his way to rip The Miz making insiders wonder whether this was a shoot or the start of a WrestleMania program.

Del Rio gave the interview to 95.7 in California to promote the WWE’s return to the area. Del Rio gave the usual WWE answers for a few minutes and whether it was a case of starting an angle or letting his guard down, Del Rio went off on Triple H’s least favorite WWE superstar, The Miz.

[ad 6]Del Rio was asked about the other guys in the locker room. Del Rio preferred to focus on one specific co-worker.

To be honest, I don’t like most of the guys,” Del Rio chuckled. “I hate The Miz. This is not part of the show. I really dislike that guy. I’ve tried to punch him in the face several times, not in the ring, I mean outside the ring. He’s like a little girl. He’s always running away from me…

And there was more.

There’s a big difference between The Miz and I,” Del Rio said. “I’m a real athlete. He’s just a loud, stupid little kid. He’s one of those guys who was probably bullied when he was in school and that’s the reason now that he’s so loud and he wants to get attention from everybody.

There are two ways to interpret this. The first is that this was the start of a new angle leading into WrestleMania 28. The seeds were planted for an Alberto Del Rio babyface turn and a match with The Miz in Miami. It would make a lot of sense as there is big potential in Del Rio turning into a “Mexican hero” with the Latino market. It certainly wouldn’t be the worst idea that the company has had.

The other being that Del Rio was really shooting on The Miz. Everyone doesn’t necessarily like each other that work together in the WWE or anywhere else for that matter. Could there be real heat between The Miz and Del Rio? Maybe, Del Rio’s comments about The Miz not being a real athlete aren’t the first comments I have heard a WWE co-worker claim about him over the last few years.

My hunch is that this is a 100% work. I look at the choice of words here. First of all, when someone in the pro wrestling business goes out of their way to tell you that what they are saying is a shoot, 9 out of 10 times it isn’t. That right there is enough to seal the deal for me. The other words too about Del Rio calling him a “little girl” and accusing him of “running away” also sound like the tamest shoot promo I have ever heard.

Del Rio has been around the business for way too long to all of the sudden succumb to a weak moment and break character during a media interview. This is a guy that grew up in a pro wrestling family in Mexico and probably respects kayfabe more than 80% of the current WWE locker room. I can’t imagine after all of the flack Randy Orton got for some of his shoot media interviews last year go that Del Rio would be as naïve as to go into business for himself at this stage of the game.

[adinserter block=”1″]If Del Rio was shooting on The Miz and I don’t think he is, I really don’t have a problem with it. The Miz’s character is that of a guy with a big mouth who can’t back it up in the ring. If anything, Del Rio was only doing more to get over The Miz’s character than he would if he came on the air and talked about what a nice guy he was. Instead of being angry, I’d shake his hand if I were The Miz the next time I see him. I see nothing egregious here at all.

So at this point all we can do is sit back and wait and see what happens in the next few weeks. If these guys collide at WrestleMania 28, the answer is easy. If not, CM Punk may not be the only WWE superstar carrying a pipe bomb with a short fuse.

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  1. I don't believe it's a work and you say nine times out of ten if someone says it is a shoot it's not i disagree. Where do you come up with that number?


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