A New WWE World Heavyweight Champion Crowned


It didn’t take long for the WWE to pull its first major title change of 2013. In a bit of a shocker, one of the big championships changed hands on Tuesday night at the SmackDown taping which could change plans moving forward towards WrestleMania 29.

[adinserter block=”1″]Before I continue I would like to encourage anyone wishing to avoid SmackDown spoilers to stop reading now. Okay, you have been warned.

Alberto Del Rio defeated The Big Show to win the WWE world heavyweight title on Tuesday night in a Last Man Standing Match as part of the SmackDown taping. The match will air on this Friday’s Sy Fy broadcast of the event. The title change taking place on SmackDown is not as unusual as you’d think as there have been plenty of world heavyweight title changes that have taken place on the broadcast going back to when Kurt Angle won the title in a 20-man battle royal in 2006.

According to a report on F4Wonline.com here is how the title change went down. “Del Rio put Show through a table. Show choke slammed Del Roi but he got up. Show then used the knockedout punch on Del Rio, but he struggled to his feet before ten. Show then used it a second time, but he got up a second time. Show missed a charge and went into the post. Del Rio hit him with the ring steps over and over until Show went down. Del Rio then buried Show under the announcers table and he didn’t get up by the ten count.”

The title change is a big surprise and I have to think that it was a last minute booking idea. Alberto Del Rio has turned more in the last few weeks than anyone has in recent memory. His initial babyface turn is generally regarded as one of the worst turns for a star of his level in recent memory. Generally there is some kind of build for this kind of switch. Something over the last few days transpired to make the drastic move.

My hunch is that this all comes down to Dolph Ziggler. Alberto is someone I anticipate to be a transitional champion. Ziggler is currently involved in a feud with Cena that is bound to end shortly. Once that ends, Ziggler is left with a briefcase and a heel WHC. I am thinking that Ziggler is going to cash in sometime over the next several weeks, most likely at the Royal Rumble, and move away from Cena.

Could Ziggler have beaten The Big Show? I guess so but it would appear that the WWE have no interest in turning either one of them into a babyface. This certainly makes the most sense. Most presumed that Sheamus would wind up as the transitional champion. My guess here is that the WWE didn’t want Sheamus to be positioned as a weak, fluke champion.

[adinserter block=”2″]So where does Del Rio go from here? As long as Show isn’t hurt I would guess that they will rematch at the Rumble. I would also guess that Del Rio drops the title to Ziggler either at the Rumble or sometime between then and the Elimination Chamber. Del Rio becomes the 51st champion winning his first-ever world heavyweight title, a title most expected him to win a couple of years back.

In a move you probably wouldn’t see form the WWE they already have the story on their website. Social media is certainly dictating a different way that this company does business in 2013.

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