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AJ Styles vs. John Cena: Here we go again WWE?

AJ Styles is losing to John Cena. The feud looks good from a distance. The fans were into it when AJ turned heel on the May 30 edition of Monday Night Raw. The first match will probably take place at Money in the Bank, and fans will be into it even more then. But AJ is losing to John Cena. That’s it.

So how are we with this? Because, you can better believe that there’s a lot of people that’s absolutely not okay with it. They’re pumped up now; everyone is talking about how this puts AJ on another level in WWE, how it finally solidifies him as a true main event player in the biggest pro wrestling company in the world.

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But where will all of these people be when the inevitable happens? What will these fans say when the three count is made? Because AJ is losing to John Cena. Have I mentioned that?

Yes, AJ is skyrocketing here. There’s no denying that. Styles went from losing to Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 32 in a match that he probably should have won, to being named the number one contender to Roman Reigns’ title the next night. 24 hours made all the difference for Styles, as one Mania loss led to a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.

That’s not to say that AJ didn’t deserve the shot. Of course he did. He’s AJ Styles. He’s been a main event star in every company he’s ever worked in. He’s headlined all over the world, his fans have supported him through it all, and they could only dream of the day when he would work in a WWE ring.

Now it’s here, and he’s killing it. We all knew he would of course, but how many of us knew he would do the impossible and make Roman Reigns look like a star? Maybe that’s a bit harsh; it’s not as though Roman can’t work. The fact is, he more than held up his end of the deal here.

But Roman is not on AJ’s level. Despite how hard WWE has worked to convince everyone they should love him, Reigns may never be on AJ’s level. That’s okay, though. How many guys are on AJ’s level in the first place? Styles is one of the best the business has ever seen. 20 years from now, we’ll still be talking about him.

So now one of the industry’s best is in a program with WWE’s top guy. It’s a match made in heaven right? It’s what fans want for AJ; after all, how can this not be a good idea? How do you sit AJ Styles in your locker room so the audience can watch John Cena work the flavor of the week every week, until he beats everyone on the roster?

The answer is you don’t. You book AJ against Cena and you do it as soon as Cena gets back from injury. Then you sit back and line your pockets. This feud is going to print money, and everyone that hates on it will watch it and love it. AJ is going to bring it like he’s never brought it before, and Cena’s legit hard work is going to once again be the talk of all the dirt sheets the next day.

But how much does it matter that AJ’s going to do the job in the end? He may win the first match. If the rivalry goes four to five matches, AJ could even win two or three. But in the end, he will lose. The New Era sounds like a great gimmick, but it may be just a gimmick. This isn’t to say AJ should lose; however WWE is still John’s house.

So should the outcome change the fun that’s going to come as a result of this? They’re going to tear the house down every time they work; we’re all going to love every second of it. But how long will it be until all we can talk about is why WWE won’t do right by AJ Styles?

The truth is we can’t have it both ways. Cena either works a star in the making so that star can be elevated, or he works a name so WWE can sell some tickets. AJ is a star, and he deserves to sell some tickets alongside the biggest moneymaker in the pro wrestling business today.

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But when the time comes for AJ to drop the pin, we can’t get upset. As good as he is he’s not Brock Lesnar. Lesnar used his 2014 annihilation of Cena as a springboard to total WWE domination. AJ’s not doing that, and WWE’s not going that route this time. John surely has a ton of respect for AJ, and AJ has the same for him. This is a dream match that WWE fans didn’t know they were even dreaming about.

The company is giving fans what they deserve. The best should face the best, and WWE is delivering that. So, don’t think about the outcome and everything will be okay. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Okay?

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