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AJ Styles Reviving the John Cena WWE Brand

John Cena’s still got it! Regardless of whether prefer to chant “Let’s Go Cena!” or “Cena Sucks!” you have to admit the beginnings of the John Cena/AJ Styles feud is a dandy! It was the June 6th Raw where Cena wanted to know why Styles attacked him along with assistance from Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows. It was the moment of two international professional wrestling goliaths on the same stage. It seemed inevitable that Styles would eventually turn heel as Anderson & Gallows were by his side prior to this segment.

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We’ve been witness to a phenomenal climb of a scrawny looking rapper becoming one of the all-time WWE greats winning the heavyweight championship fifteen times. I understand the “Cena Sucks” chants in the past few years; it was getting stale but what makes Cena a consistent and prominent figure in the WWE is feeding off the hate that you can’t help but laugh. Cena eats it up, smiles, responds to it, and moves onto his point. But the critics believe Cena was also the reason for the staleness of the products continually pushing him while burying opponents at times never to make it to top card status.

Then came Monday June 6th when both sides went face to face on the mic. I didn’t watch in until the following day; it’s important I mention this because I rewound the segment to hear it again it was so good. You have to give Styles credit too. I know some wrestling friends find Styles underwhelming but to me this was a big catch for the WWE. Styles finally made it to the big stage after years of wrestling in TNA & Japan. He’s now entered Cena Nation.

Think about how impressive Styles’ run has become only six months into his time in the WWE. He made his debut at the Royal Rumble match, a match of the year candidate against Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania, and took on Roman Reigns for the WWE Title but lost, and now Cena.

Like Cena said, we’ve all heard one wrestler after another complain about Cena and his antics but Cena’s response was gold! It was also justification as to why he was, is, and continues to be one of the pillars of the WWE. The fact that the arena applauded Cena’s remarks along with an extended pause from Styles proves Cena’s one of the best on the mic. His passion and intensity still burns within Cena and feuding with an individual of Styles’ caliber shows that these two will work out well.

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But you have to give it to Styles when he said Cena “bury guys like me”. True or not, it has been mentioned over the years that Styles’ remark is why half the arena chants “Cena sucks” and why the product has been stale for a while until the past year. Bringing Styles into the WWE will be good for Cena, good for the fans, and “what’s best for business”. Hopefully this feud continues to play well by the time Summerslam rolls around. This should be one of the big matches on the card; with or without a stipulation.

Regardless of whether Cena’s lines were scripted on impromptu, Cena delivered and the crowd reaction confirmed it. I wonder if Styles’ reaction after that remark was one of impressiveness while surprised that was being stood up by the WWE veteran. Wake up call or not, we know the history of these two individuals and they are both impressive.

The June 6th Raw showed Cena is still a force in the WWE. Styles’ arrival to the WWE is welcoming. Styles brought out the best in Cena. Cena brought out the best in Styles. It should only get better.

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