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Aint Talkin’ Bout Fun – Guitar Hero Van Halen Full Song List

Guitar Hero Van Halen box The long anticipated song list for Guitar Hero Van Halen was released on Friday. Like other GH games that feature one headlining band, there are plenty of supporting bands on this one. The game features 28 Van Halen tracks all from the David Lee-era. Sadly, the 19 guest songs complete a game that looks nowhere near as fun as GH Metallica or Aerosmith.

As soon as Activision announced that Van Halen would be the next band-specific game, the questions began. Would the game feature all Dave songs, would Sammy be in the game, and who is playing bass? The answer is that the game will feature all David Lee Roth sung Van Halen songs, and Wolfgang Van Halen will be on bass.

I think Activision dropped the ball on this one. For once, instead of including supporting bands they should have given those 19 slots to Sammy Hagar sung Van Halen songs. I am ambivalent when it comes to Michael Anthony. If Cliff Burton wasn’t going to be included in some form on the Guitar Hero Metallica game, I can live without Mike.

The Van Halen set list will feature;
1. “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love”
2. “And The Cradle Will Rock”
3. “Atomic Punk”
4. “Beautiful Girls”
5. “Cathedral” (solo)
6. “Dance The Night Away”
7. “Eruption” (solo)
8. “Everybody Wants Some”
9. “Feel Your Love Tonight”
10. “Hang ‘Em High”
11. “Hear About It Later”
12. “Hot For Teacher”
13. “Ice Cream Man”
14. “I’m The One”
15. “Jamie’s Cryin”
16. “Jump”
17. “Little Guitars”
18. “Loss Of Control”
19. “Mean Street”
20. “Panama”
21. “Pretty Woman”
22. “Romeo Delight”
23. “Running With The Devil”
24. “So This Is Love”
25. “Somebody Get Me A Doctor”
26. “Spanish Fly” (solo)
27. “Unchained”
28. “You Really Got Me”

Guest Band songs are;
29. Alter Bridge – “Come To Life”
30. Billy Idol – “White Wedding”
31. blink-182 – “First Date”
32. Deep Purple – “Space Truckin”
33. Foo Fighters – “Best Of You”
34. Foreigner – “Double Vision”
35. Fountains of Wayne – “Stacy’s Mom”
36. Jimmy Eat World – “Pain”
37. Judas Priest – “Painkiller”
38. Killswitch Engage – “The End Of Heartache”
39. Lenny Kravitz – “Rock And Roll Is Dead”
40. Queen – “I Want It All”
41. Queens of the Stone Age – “Sick, Sick, Sick”
42. Tenacious D – “Master Exploder”
43. The Clash – “Safe European Home”
44. The Offspring – “Pretty Fly For A White Guy”
45. Third Eye Blind – “Semi-Charmed Life”
46. Weezer – “Dope Nose”
47. Yellowcard – “The Takedown”

Overall I think the VH track listing is pretty good, but the guest list is very disappointing. Van Halen had some killer tours back in the day with bands like Metallica, Aerosmith, Kiss, Alice in Chains, Motley Crue, and Ozzy to name a few. I don’t think anyone that would get excited about a Van Halen game could give two-cents about playing Lenny Kravitz, Tenacious D, The Offspring, or Blink 182. As disappointing as this is, the trailer does look pretty cool.

The game is scheduled to be released December 22, 2009, just in time for Christmas.

Guitar Hero Van Halen Trailer

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