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After 7 years…Finally The Rock – Inside The Wheelhouse

The Rock Dwayne JohnsonWrestling might have gotten one of it’s most memorable moments in 2011 this past Monday Night on RAW as The Rock made his long awaited return to the WWE. In what is going to go down as one of the greatest moments in RAW and maybe even WWE history, The Rock was officially named the Guest Host for WrestleMania 27 appearing before the live crowd on Monday Night RAW for the first time since 2004.

In a current era in the Wrestling world where at times it feels like the heartbeat of wrestling is flat lining, The Rock walked through the curtain like an AED to bring the heartbeat of the Wrestling world back to life. It has been quite sometime since the wrestling world has had such a talked about moment like this.

[adinserter block=”2″]It was a moment that caused Wrestling fans to literally call their friends to tell them to turn on the USA Network on Monday night, that is how big it was. The fans have clearly missed The Rock and he has clearly missed them as the moment will forever be etched in WWE history packages for years to come. The moment might have cemented the importance of The Rock when you look at the impact he made in the wrestling world.

Why the return was so big is because The Rock left the wrestling world quietly and never returned except for small appearances in the last seven years. Sure he made his “return” at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony at WrestleMania 24 to induct his father and grandfather but it was nothing like the reaction he received on Monday Night.

People have been anticipating this moment for years. They have wanted “The Great One” back badly because no matter what he is saying in the ring he can connect with the fans like no other. Case in point, this past Monday Night. It was an “old school pop” and despite the era of the dirt sheet on the internet, most fans did not know for sure he would be returning.

The Rock teased it on Facebook later that Monday Afternoon and it just so happened that he opened his Twitter account Monday night as well, but no one was certain. We were told that this was supposed to happen before, The Rock said in interviews he and Vince McMahon wanted to do something special but he never had the time. There was even rumors that he wouldn’t be involved with this year’s WrestleMania because he was filming a movie.

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Well the wrestling world got their answer on Monday Night in one of the greatest moments in WWE history as The Rock made his much anticipated and long awaited return to the WWE. It reminded fans young and old of how much The Rock could captivate an audience, something we don’t see that much anymore. It was a promo for the ages.

The Rock’s return went 23 minutes long and his promo was close to 15 minutes and in that time The Rock was able to sell fans on purchasing this year’s WrestleMania. No matches have been officially announced yet, but the one thing that is official, is that The Rock WILL be at WrestleMania 27 and he WILL be the guest host.

One of the most intriguing messages of the entire promo was when The Rock thanked the fans for sticking by him during his time away from the wrestling ring. The Rock made it clear to the fans that he was returning for the fans of the WWE and that he gave the fans his word that The Rock “is never ever going away.” You could tell it was a heartfelt moment from The Rock and the future of The Rock in the WWE is hopefully bright as the fans have clearly missed “The Great One.”

Will he be a full-time wrestler again? I don’t think so. Will he wrestle again? Well, never say never. The Rock might have found that itch again after the reaction he got on Monday Night.

[adinserter block=”1″]The second most intriguing message of the entire promo was The Rock addressing the comments John Cena has made in recent years about how The Rock has turned his back on the wrestling fans. It was an iconic moment as in the promo The Rock, representing “The Attitude Era” took a shot at the current generation of the WWE and most importantly John Cena. The promo has people talking and clamoring for some sort of Rock/Cena interaction at WrestleMania 27, it won’t be a match, but a face-to-face between the two will be HUGE.

The Rock is back in the WWE, the fans are excited, wrestling fans who haven’t watched in a while are excited and in one announcement the WWE has sold WrestleMania 27. It’s not Lesnar, it’s not Sting, it’s better then that…it is “The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment”…The Rock. I for one am extremely happy to see The Rock back in the squared circle, what a moment this past Monday Night.

Welcome home Rocky, thank you for coming back, the Wrestling World has missed you. He is FINALLY home.

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