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Adin Ross Gets Permanently Banned On Twitch for Hateful Slurs

It’s happening again.

Adin Ross has been banned on Twitch, again, but this time, things are looking quite serious as the ban put on his account could be an indefinite one. If you are a regular user of Twitch, then you might have definitely heard of Adin and his recent controversial comments.

Today we talk about the controversies surrounding Adin which led to this ban and we’ll see who exactly is Adin and what did he do to get banned so badly. Here is everything we know so far:

Who is Adin Ross?

Adin Ross is a new name in the Twitch community however, almost everyone has heard of him. Most of the streaming community knows of his name despite him being a new streamer. Adin initially started off by playing games like Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K but now he is known more for his personality than his gaming skills.

He blew up in the community after he collaborated with popular YouTube celebrities. And after a bet with LeBron’s son, he has been seen with prominent rappers and influencers from all over the internet.

Adin’s Ban

Adin had been consistently criticized for his involvement with content creators that were banned for doing sexual harassment and making threats. However, soon enough he became a topic of controversy himself after a series of incidents involving him saying inappropriate things.

Adin has now been banned indefinitely on Twitch after he was found violating the terms of service of the community. This ban is reportedly his fifth on Twitch but this time the ban seems to be permanent.

After getting banned, Adin took to Twitter to share the news and claimed that he was not given any reason as to why he was banned other than an automated email by Twitch. In his now-deleted tweet, he said: “‘I got banned on Twitch, indefinitely. I am not sure what I said though? I’m not sure what I did? Does it occur on stream or VOD? I don’t know man.”

And also included a screenshot stating that his ban was possibly done over ‘hateful slurs or symbols’. At the time of his ban, Adin had over 5.9 million followers and was on the list of top 20 Twitch users.

The Reason for the Ban

The biggest speculation about the reason for his ban is Adin’s hate speech. A few days ago, Jake Lucky, the co-owner of Full Squad Gaming shared a clip on Twitter where he accused Adin of saying a homophobic slur in a stream where Adin was not aware that he was live.

However, despite all allegations, Adin’s community and his friends have been backing him up and claiming that it was not Adin in the video. Some even shot back at Jake for being a racist. As of now, the true reason for his ban has not been confirmed yet but many are linking it to his recent hateful slurs.



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