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Adding Depth to the WWE SmackDown Women’s Division

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While the women of SmackDown are certainly talented in their own right, it’s fairly clear the division doesn’t have their Charlotte and/or Sasha, who are ready to be featured in a pay-per-view headlining match. When the brand split occurred most of the top female stars from NXT ended up on the Raw roster. As it stands, the top females on SmackDown are Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch, and to a lesser extend Natalya and Alexa Bliss. These women may be a solid starting point, but without some meaningful additions to the division, it may become difficult to create compelling feuds over the long haul. While I think there’s a strong argument for combing the female rosters and featuring them on one show, I realize that isn’t likely to happen. Fortunately, there are a lot of great female wrestlers out there, who could add some depth and help elevate the current SmackDown roster. Here are a few that came to mind;

Rosemary- I realize she’s currently under contract with TNA. However, I’m not sure how iron clad TNA contracts are these days. Assuming WWE can somehow sign her, I think she would make an excellent addition to the SmackDown roster. She’s demonstrated the ability to tap into a dark and depraved character as a member of Decay. This type of character would allow for WWE creative to create some darker storylines for their female division. I could see Rosemary fitting in nicely as Bray Wyatt type figure for the ladies. Speaking of Bray Wyatt, if WWE ever decides to create a Sister Abigail character for the Wyatt family, Rosemary would be a perfect choice.

Lita- She’s already working with WWE as a host for several pre-shows and looks to be in great physical condition. The WWE Hall of Famer would bring star power and experience to SmackDown. A Lita versus Alex Bliss feud might go a long way in elevating Bliss or any of the other women, for that matter. Not to mention, having Lita challenge Lynch for the title would make for a very high profile match. Lita is one of the most accomplished female wrestlers of all time and her presence would go a long way in adding creditability to the division.

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Asuka- The NXT commentators already alluded to the fact that “Asuka has cleaned out the division.” Bringing back Mickie James to face her at the next NXT Takeover special should be fun, but where do you go from there? The current crop of females in NXT have only just started to get TV time and there aren’t a lot of compelling matchups for Asuka at the moment. She’s been in the business for twelve years and is already among the best female workers in any of the WWE brands. The Japanese-born star would not only add depth the division but could also carry it…if WWE so chooses. Having squash matches against Liv Morgan on NXT doesn’t really help anyone. If WWE wants to get the most out of the 35-year-old veteran, now would seem to be as good a time as any, to elevate her to the main roster.

Awesome Kong/Kharma- When Nia Jax was drafted by Raw, SmackDowns women’s division was left without anyone to play the role of the monster heel. Billed at 5 foot 11 inches tall and weighing in at 272 pounds, Kong would be more than capable of playing the part. The David versus Goliath story is a classic, which dates back the early years of professional wrestling. Kong could have some very compelling matchup with some of the more physical ladies like Asuka and to a lesser extent Natalya. Moreover, if Nia Jax ever found herself on the SmackDown roster, a Jak versus Kong feud could be epic.

Which female wrestlers would you like to see added to the SmackDown Roster?

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