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Adam “Edge” Copeland & WWE At Odds Over Contract

Edge WWEIt has been a long time since any sort of news surfaced about Adam Copeland, formerly known as Edge. Well, as many of my readers know, I am one of Copeland’s biggest admirers, and my ear is always to the ground when it comes to news about that man. Well, I have come up with some news that I hope clears some of the conflicting reports, and confusion amongst fans once and for all concerning the former Rated R Super Star.

[adinserter block=”2″]Before I continue, I first need to acknowledge two websites (non subscriber), and, as these are the two sites who have provided the information that I will be using for this blog.

As fans are aware, Copeland was forced to retire on April 11, 2011 due to cervical spinal stenosis. He gave up his World Title the following day at the SmackDown Tapings. He finished up the angle where his best friend Christian won the World Title in the Ladder Match that Copeland was supposed to participate in against Alberto Del Rio. Edge helped by driving in to distract Del Rio and cheered Christian as Christian climbed the ladder, grabbed the belt, and celebrated with the new champion.

Copeland’s contract with WWE ended on April 30. The last few weeks prior, WWE had attempted to sign him to a contract similar to Hall of Fame member Shawn Michaels and ECW legend and 3 Time WWE Champ Mick Foley. Per, Copeland is very upset because he was low-balled in comparison to both Michaels and Foley. In fact, backstage in Detroit, the location for the April 23, 2012 episode of Raw, when Copeland made that surprise appearance telling Cena that he must beat Brock Lesnar, John Laurinaitis tried to make a deal that would appease Edge. In fact, during Edge’s promo, he mentioned his contract ran out on the 30th, which it did. Edge’s being upset due to being low-balled, per and not signing a contract is the reason he did not show at the 1000th episode.

On August 8, 2012, confirmed on their site what reported. Edge has no contract with WWE. He does not even have a Legends contract! He is appearing at Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore ( ) to sign autographs on October 6th, and will be appearing for RFVideo ( ) at Dave and Busters in Philadelphia on October 7th, and that will be all for appearances, as he wants to rest his body after all the years of bumps that his body has taken.

It really is a shame that the WWE could not come to terms with one of their top stars. Due to confidence issues, I can not reveal personal stuff but I understand that Shawn gets what he gets. In my opinion he was the greatest all around wrestler/performer to ever step in the ring, at least in the modern era, if not in all of pro wrestling. Foley is the “hard core” legend, and has contributed a lot in the business.

However, Edge, and I am calling him by his ring name here, was an incredible performer in the ring. He is an excellent wrestler and also has an excellent mind for the business. After he retired, so many stars talked about great he was in the back and how he had a great mind for how the business worked, etc. Like Foley and HBK, he tore his body up for Vince McMahon.

[adinserter block=”1″]I think we all know the major injuries he came back from: two torn pecs (only one needed surgery), torn Achilles, broken neck which eventually ended his career about 8 years later, and countless others. There are NFL players whose careers would have been ended with one or two of those, but Edge kept coming back till he could not anymore, and WWE could not give him at least as much as Foley??? I know that it is all business, but sometimes business is also doing the right thing.

I hope that straightens out the confusion over Edge and his contract.

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