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Actor Kaalan Walker of “Superfly” Fame Accused of Being a Serial Rapist

Kaalan Walker, an American rapper, and actor popular for his performance in the “Superfly” movie was convicted by the court on 18th April on charges of rape and sexual assault. He was convicted of serial rape of several young women and teens.

Walker’s attorney, Andrew Flier has confirmed the court verdict and said that he is planning to appeal the decision in higher courts.

Flier wrote in an email saying, “Mr. Walker maintains his complete innocence to the charges and allegations. The defense is very confident that the convictions will be reversed.”

Superfly actor faces up to 100 years in prison

The 27-Year-Old musician was found guilty by the Los Angeles County jury however he was acquitted of other three charges, including two charges of forcible rape by the jurors.

He faces a sentence of up to 100 years to life in prison. His next hearing is scheduled for the 27th of May.

Reportedly, the trial started last month. The prosecutor and Deputy District Attorney Yasmin Fardghassemi told jurors that there were multiple women involved in the case who were strangers to one another. She also shared the allegations of 10 women and teens in detail.

How did Walker trap women and girls?

Fardghassemi said that Walker made use of social media handles like Twitter and Instagram to attract his alleged victims to various locations by giving fake assurances of photo or video shoots.

He also used to make false promises by saying that he would introduce them to someone famous. She added, “When they said ‘Stop,’ he didn’t care”.

Andrew Flier told jurors, “They’re going to lie to you because they know that they fell for his B.S. The alleged victims were out for “revenge.’ The pattern of Mr. Walker is to make false promises and they bought it. … Each one of these women voluntarily made their own decisions. He didn’t force them. … It’s payback to Mr. Walker and we’re not going to let that happen.”

During the hearing, Walker maintained his innocence as per local media reports. He yelled, “I didn’t rape anybody, your honor” while he was being led away in handcuffs. The attacks took place between 2013 and 2018 according to prosecutors.

Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Wallace said, “Walker name-dropped Drake and used his connection to Halle Berry to gain access to women. We feel that with this verdict, the jury gave these victims back their voices. This was very sophisticated. Once they were there, it wasn’t about doing photoshoots, it was about assaulting them.”

Who is Kaalan Walker?

Kaalan Walker also known as KR is Los Angeles-based actor who featured in the crime drama movie “Kings” alongside Halle Berry and Daniel Craig in 2017.

He then performed as a gang member Juju in the crime thriller movie “Superfly” released in 2018.

He also starred in two episodes of the BET legal drama series “In Contempt too” as Jackson Whitmore. He toured with other music celebrities like G Eazy, A$AP Ferg, SchoolBoy Q, Isaiah Rashad, and Waka Flocka.

His debut EP “The Intermission” was released in 2017. He signed with Empire Records. Walker has more than 102,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He posts his music on the video-sharing social media platform.

Walker was arrested by police in 2018 and later released on bond. He was taken into custody when the jury’s verdict was read. He might face a possible life prison term.

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