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A True View From The Fantasy Football War Room – Inside the day of a Fantasy Football Draft

Adrian PetersonYou’ve read your magazines, printed your cheat sheets online, and have waisted quality work hours holding discussions. You have been forced to sit and watch pre-season football to see if Tom Brady gets up, to see who Jay Cutler can possibly pass to, and just who is this such and such rookie from such and such team I hear so much about? Well my friends and I spent a Thursday night and one long weekend in 3 Fantasy Football “War-rooms” and I’m here to give you the true scoop of how it all goes down. So if you haven’t picked yet, settle in from the view from inside the closed quarters!

I had spent all day Saturday accumulating pounds of roast beef, roast pork, buffalo wings, hoagies, hot dogs, beers and sodas and other such products for Sundays madness. You have to eat right to draft right I always say! The lounge that we had acquired for the day was awesome! Well lit, roomy, comfy chairs, TVs, and a full kitchen. Heck I was jealous, it was like a really cool bachelor pad! But on this day it was war! On this note please take time to help and thank your commisioner, this job can be pure hell!

[adinserter block=”1″]Ok so enough of the plush now for the crush. Trends were plenty, smack talk even more plenty. 10 gurus per draft, no one dare to think he’s not this years champ. So you shake your head at his or her picks, but quite frankly no one really knows what it all means. Does it matter if someone takes 3 receivers in the first 3 rounds? Maybe and maybe not. Was I wrong to take 3 RBs in the first 3 rounds, especially if the names were (Matt) Forte,(Steve) Slaton, and (Chirs) Johnson? With varying rules its so hard to say. We count 1 point per catch, 10 yards per rush or receiving and so on. Pick your own personal poison as to what theory is best!

The main thing I came here for is to enlighten you on is how quick to act.Times have changed, slightly. If you believe you’d have to grab Terrell Owens right away, you’d be wrong. T.O. didn’t appear til round 5 on average in these 3 drafts. If it’s your mind set to wait til round 2 and grab Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald or Greg Jennings on your way back around the snake, you’ll be disappointed. Tom Brady and Drew Brees both came up before Peyton Manning in these drafts. New names like Michael Turner and De Angelo Williams jumped out well before L.T. and L.J. In fact if you took LJ before round 6, you’d hear a snicker for sure! Rookies made some appearances, but at not quite the expected alarming rate. Chris Wells and Knowshon Moreno were 7th or 8th round picks and even met with shoulder shrugs by the pickers.

The saying goes strong for me. Take the best player out there! Don’t sweat bye weeks and positions as you will find yourself with a team that looks as stale as last weeks donuts. Be creative, look for late round guys who will be in their teams starting lineups! If a starting running back ( ala Jamal Lewis, Correll Buckhalter, or Willie Parker) is around in round 9 then you grab him. Don’t worry about not getting Pittsburghs defense, it will pay off in the end. If you feel the NFL has gone too heavy on “running back by committee” then I will post this list of share holders who went later or not at all so you can focus on them down the line:

Drafted in the 8th round or later in most drafts were share timers like: Le’Ron McClain, Justin Fargas, Michael Bush, Fred Jackson, Edgerrin James, Felix Jones, Donald Brown, Buckhalter, Earnest Graham, and Darren Sproles.

Not drafted in either draft, and more then possible players were: Tim Hightower, Jerious Norwood, Greg Jones, Willis McGahee and Ahmad Bradshaw.

Does this mean you need to have these guys, well not really. It’s just simple to take a 15th round chance on some guys who will hit the field instead of the 20th best defense in the league on your bench all year!

Yes so expect this to look like your board, top 10 guys from each position who are all easily gone by round 5 or 6. Note that these men were put in this list in some sort of order by average of selection.

1. Drew Brees
2. Tom Brady
3. Peyton Manning
4. Aaron Rodgers
5. Phillip Rivers
6. Donovan McNabb
7. Tony Romo
8. Jay Cutler
9. Kurt Warner
10. Matt Schaub

1. Adrain Peterson
2. Matt Forte
3. Maurice Jones-Drew
4. Michael Turner
5. De Angelo Williams
6. Steven Jackson
7. LaDanian Tomlinson
8. Steve Slaton
9. Chris Johnson
10. Brian Westbrook

1. Larry Fitzgerald
2. Andre Johnson
3. Greg Jennings
4. Randy Moss
5. Calvin Johnson
6. Reggie Wayne
7. Steve Smith
8. Roddy White
9. Brandon Marshall
10. Dwayne Bowe

[adinserter block=”2″]Ok so these leagues used an option position of WR or RB or TE so your projections may be a bit different. This is just a quick reference fantasy football cheat sheet if you will, to get an idea on who has been going where. You can follow it, or you can finish last its all up to you!

Ok so time to critique my teams! I will openly show my two teams from this weekends draft, however NOT the one from Thursday because thats shared with my blog co-writers,and I dont need to remind them how great it is!

The formula here is as follows:

Lineup of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR/TE and 1 ANY( RB,WR,TE) plus 1 defense and 1 kicker.

First league my team looks like this
QBs: Matt Schaub and Jay Cutler
RBs: Chris Johnson, Pierre Thomas, Larry Johnson, Fred Jackson
WRs: Andre Johnson, Dwayne Bowe, Lance Moore, Steve Breaston, Davone Bess, and Steve Smith( Giants)
Defense: Chicago and Dallas
Kicker: Nick Folk

Second team looks like
QBs: Jay Cutler and Carson Palmer
RBs: Matt Forte, Steve Slaton, Chris Johnson, Cedric Benson and Correll Buckhalter
WRs: Dwayne Bowe, Braylon Edwards, Antonio Bryant, Donald Driver, Devin Hester, and Johnnie Lee Higgins
Defense: Dallas
Kicker: Nick Folk

I know youre thinking “wow”, these teams are great, but don’t take my word for it, go out and get in there, study hard and work hard and build your dream team! This is the last week to do it so make it count and good luck all you Fantasy Footballers!!

A small shout out and thanks to my brother, Mike Porrini for all his hard work and determination in making this a succesful draft weekend. “Commisioner is a tough and thankless job” Mike says, so be sure to appreciate your commisioner. A special thanks to the Wyndmor,Pa. Fire Department for the use of their fine facility,it was clean, comfortable and very roomy. Also last but not least a thanks and good luck to all members of the Red Lioners leagues 1 and 2 and to the team here at, Good Luck Everybody!!

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at

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