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A Rivalry with Kane Would Kickstart Finn Balor’s WWE Main Roster Career

The rumor mill continues to churn regarding the eventual call-up of Finn Balor to WWE’s main roster. With each passing week the speculation has shifted from Balor’s potential as a main roster superstar to when the shift will really happen.

Recent history indicates that the move may take place sooner rather than later. Speculation really started when word broke several months ago that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were likely headed to the WWE, potentially linking up with AJ Styles to reunite The Bullet Club. Being active members of WWE’s main roster during the past several weeks and being involved in the Reigns-Styles storyline provided more food for thought. Tension between Styles and his former Bullet Club partners has been one of the major themes in recent weeks and played a part in AJ Styles’ loss at WWE Extreme Rules.

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Additionally, the split between Styles and The Club finally happened on RAW this Monday. Some see this tension between Styles and his former partners as a ruse for Balor’s introduction to the main roster. Moreover, Balor has continuously teased a reunion of The Bullet Club in WWE via social media. The most predictable storyline would be for Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to bring in Balor as the new leader of the Club.

The door is wide open for this rivalry. Looking at the outcome of the Extreme Rules main event, Styles is done with his feud with Reigns who is now going to confront the returning Seth Rollins; and Styles will not be participating in The Money in the Bank ladder match after losing to Kevin Owens on RAW this Monday. Extra fuel was added to the fire last month when Balor dropped the NXT Championship to Samoa Joe at an NXT live event in Lowell, Massachusetts. Balor himself could only be one fight away from the call-up as he goes face to face with Samoa Joe for NXT Championship re-match at NXT TakeOver: Revenge on June 8. Setting up a feud between Styles and Balor, the two former Bullet Club leaders, would create some compelling TV.

However, there’s a big issue with this storyline and with WWE attempting to reprise the Bullet Club. The casual fan who isn’t familiar with the wrestling world outside of WWE just won’t understand why reuniting these superstars is a big deal. After all, with the exception of The Shield, factions in WWE have been poorly booked and are not the dominating forces that they are supposed to be (think of The Nexus, think of The Wyatts, think of The League of Nations…) Meanwhile, the more hardcore fans could complain that it would be nearly impossible for the new Bullet Club to live up to the heights of the original. The initial interest in such a storyline and Balor’s debut would undoubtedly create some must-see television, but would fans care about the long-term ramifications of such a feud?

Having said that, there is no doubt that Balor’s debut must be a high profile event. Balor has firmly established himself as NXT’s top star and he is destined to accomplish great things on the main roster. If WWE is truly going to make Balor a top heel or top babyface and pit him against the big names with a view to make him a WWE World Heavyweight champion one day, then the first impressions must be good and his call-up mustn’t be squandered. Balor’s notoriety must be established immediately on the main roster, and his early impact deserves to be meaningful and long-lasting.

Looking at the rest of the roster and wondering what to do with the currently inactive superstars, I came to realize that one man stands out from the pack and would be perfect rival for Balor. That man is WWE legend Kane. Yes, that very stale and boring Kane!

If we are to believe the rumor mill once again, Kane – aka Glenn Jacobs – could reportedly leave WWE in order to pursue a political office in Knox County, Tennessee. Kane first debuted in WWE nearly twenty years ago and has done pretty much all that can be done in wrestling. It wouldn’t be surprising if “The Devil’s Favorite Demon” – and a future hall of famer – may wish to end his in-ring career in spectacular fashion.

This is where Balor can be weaved in. Balor is also called “The Demon”. Upon debuting, a non-demon Balor could make a fierce statement and promise to cause havoc in the WWE, but first of all he must confront the other self-proclaimed demon, Kane, arguing that the main roster’s not big enough for two demons, who coincidentally both wear red and black. He would then challenge Kane to a match in which he promises to channel his energy and reveal his inner demon – which is bigger and nastier than Kane’s.

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The stage for their bout could be SummerSlam this August or perhaps the match could be a better fit for Hell in a Cell in October. “The Demon” Balor versus “The Demon” Kane would need a special stipulation whereby the loser would no longer be part of the WWE roster. The build-up to the confrontation could be composed of Balor promos but also video packages of Kane’s glory days to make the latter a credible force. Allowing Balor to don his demon paint and make his breathtaking entrance at the pay-per-view, to put on an aggressive and dangerous fight with Kane, would make for a spectacular introduction for the Irish superstar. Balor could let his demon persona run wild and showcase his darker side. And letting him be the victor of this bout and being personally responsible for Kane’s retirement would be the right call.

It’s tough to know what exactly Balor will do when WWE calls him up, but a clash of demons could be epic, and enabling Kane to launch his main roster career would be a fitting start and would certainly make Finn Balor notorious right off the bat.

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