A RAW Look into the WWE Future


batistaorton WWE RAW aired its final show before WWE Judgment Day. The predominant theme of the show was Batista stalking Randy Orton. With only a few days before the big event, Batista did his best to lay out Orton. All in all, RAW was a pretty weak show with only days before the next pay-per-view. There is something big missing on WWE Raw. The show, the roster, the events weren’t necessarily bad. However, there is no big superstar that gets the fans off out of their seats. There is also the void of a hot angle right now. The angles all seem stale and very unexciting. Triple H has obvious issues right now with the fans, but there is nobody on RAW that matches his presence. Shawn Michaels’ absence has also been a huge detriment to the program. John Cena and Batista aren’t the answers right now. Cena can be the answer, but his biggest success has come when he is programmed with the right heel. Big Show is not that guy. I will have a full WWE Judgment Day preview up on Friday. On paper, the SmackDown side has stronger main-events going into the pay-per-view than RAW. The SmackDown roster of Jeff Hardy, Edge, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio is more watchable at the moment than the RAW brand. RAW has an arguable better undercard, but the show is lacking big time in the main-events. I think the future is looking very grim at the moment for the WWE. The WWE hasn’t done a good job at setting themselves up for the future. It is likely that the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H only have a few years left at the top. There are no Steve Austins, Rocks, Triple Hs, or even John Cenas on the horizon. MVP and CM Punk aren’t the answers. This could all be compensated with better writing and hotter angles. At the moment, neither seems to be happening. See the best years of WWE RAW on the WWE RAW 15th Anniversary DVD set by clicking here . Order the 3-disc WWE WrestleMania XXV DVD by clicking here . Save up to 67% off select DVDs at WWESHOP!! Headlocks and Eye Gouges – I will be back on Pro Wrestling Radio on Wednesday night May 13 at 7 PM/EST. I am scheduled to be joined by former WWE superstar, Gene Snitsky. I will take questions in the chat room for Gene. I will also take your calls and questions following the interview. Call in with a question or comment at 1-877-800-8834. Listen live and visit the chat room at http://www.tvbydemand.com/radio_prowrestling_radioshow.asp 7-8:30 PM/EST this and every Wednesday night. Reports indicate that Samoa Joe’s “Nation of Violence” faction will include Bobby Lashley, Taz, Stevie Richards, Balls Mahoney, and Spike Dudley. Sense a theme? Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio has been added to WWE Judgment Day. Mr. Kennedy has been wrestling for WWE’s developmental territory in Florida. He will be back on RAW within the next couple of weeks. Curt Hawkins will return with a new makeover according to Jim Ross. Matt Hardy recently wrote a blog criticizing Internet pro wrestling sites and reports. Personally, I think a lot of this was written in character and was just Matt getting heat. Otherwise, for a guy that used the Internet to get his job back a few years ago I would find it rather hypocritical of Matt to make these statements. Ric Flair was recently interviewed and said he continues to stay in ring-shape and can jump back in the ring in a second. Rey Mysterio will be releasing an autobiography. Lance Storm will be wrestling his first match in several years for ROH in July. Roddy Piper will be starring in a new movie called Fancypants. Chris Benoit’s doctor Phil Astin will be sentenced today.


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