A Push For Big Cass and Other WWE Thoughts

Big Cass

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By losing the Greatest Royal Rumble match to Braun Strowman, did Big Cass set himself up for a big push toward the main event on SmackDown Live? Should WWE invest in another wrestler who is still green and still needs work on the microphone? Is Daniel Bryan the right opponent for the 7-foot giant?

In my opinion, No! No! No!

The promo Big Cass cut last week, on Miz TV, may have been his best work so far. It was methodical, well delivered. If that was the wrestler fans saw every week, then he could be a contender for the WWE Title before the end of the year. With Big Cass, you see seven feet and potential, but not a lot else to get excited about.

I asked a sports writer this weekend, who is a huge wrestling fan, what he thought about Cass. His response was extremely critical. “He’s awful. He can’t speak. He could hurt someone in the ring.” I wouldn’t take it that far. The potential is there to build him through the ranks, to push him toward the top, but at the same time, slow play his progression.

Big Cass isn’t going to walk into a ring and step over AJ Styles or Daniel Bryan, but he is going to look strong in losing to WWE’s best wrestlers. At some point, grabbing the United States Title is the right decision. Then, if he handles the spotlight better, pushing him toward the WWE Title may be a path he takes.

Just don’t give him the entire buffet at once.

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The Mid Card on Tuesday Nights

I raved for weeks the chase for the Intercontinental Title was one of the best parts of Monday Night Raw and the inclusion of Seth Rollins made it even better. Now, I am intrigued to see how good the United States Title picture can be with the addition of The Miz, Shelton Benjamin and Jeff Hardy, along with Randy Orton makes things a bit interesting.

If WWE decides Samoa Joe will chase Hardy as well before he is elevated toward a program with AJ Styles, then the United States Title is once again front and center as a major piece of WWE’s title picture.

Benjamin could receive a major push after he and Chad Gable ended their tag team relationship at the Superstar Shakeup.

The Miz is still the best performer on the Tuesday night roster, but veterans like Hardy and Orton give WWE balance.

Who Get These Hands?

Now that Braun Strowman won the Biggest Royal Rumble event, who will get his hands? He and Bobby Lashley teamed up in a match with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn last week, but I would much prefer to see them on opposite ends of the ring.

Would an Owens and Strowman program be worth the fans’ time? How does WWE rebuild a run for the largest wrestler on the company roster?

I thought a program with Elias was worth a few matches. I liked the idea of another run with Brock Lesnar and hoped WWE would book time between Strowman and Samoa Joe. Like Finn Balor, is Strowman stuck in wrestling purgatory?

There has to be a way for Strowman to finally grab the Universal Title from Roman Reigns and still book matches with the “Big Dog,” Lashley and Lesnar. The problem WWE has with the main event picture on Monday night is fans don’t care about it because Reigns is still there are Lesnar isn’t around enough.

If WWE wants there to be a real main event roster, make Strowman the focal point and the others complimentary parts.

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