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A Part-Time WWE Champion Is A Great Thing

The Rock made yet another appearance on WWE RAW Monday and not everyone is happy. The honeymoon appears to be over as there is more resentment than ever at a part-time WWE champion. Yet a look back at WWE history says that this is actually a great thing.

[adinserter block=”1″]I never thought The Rock’s part-time schedule was a big deal but I appear to be in the growing minority. Fans have expressed their disappointment in social media over the last few weeks. The WWE Universe is used to a WWE champion that not only appears every week on television, but wrestles. That is not The Rock and I think that is best for business.

I tried to understand the criticism but then I reminisced about my childhood as a pro wrestling fan. I grew up with WWF champions Bob Backlund and Hulk Hogan. Those guys were rarely on television. They appeared more for localized promos than they did on the actual show. When they did, it was generally a promo or an angle. As for wrestling, you rarely saw the world champion wrestle back then unless you paid for it.

This tradition continued (with a little more latitude) up until Monday Night RAW. A live WWE show dictated that the WWE champion had to be available and on the show. Somewhere around here it got to be commonplace to see the WWE champion not only appear every week, but wrestle frequently. Now it’s expected and when someone like The Rock doesn’t, everyone is disappointed.

I love the idea of the WWE champion rarely wrestling on television. What is the point of paying to see The Rock wrestle or the champion wrestle when you can watch him for free? This is a debate that old vs. new school fans have had for years. I think one of the biggest reasons business is down for pay per views across the board is that you see the same matches and same wrestlers on TV for free. Finally the WWE is doing something different.

Even if you look back at John Cena when he was WWE champion he didn’t wrestle every week on T V. He’d maybe wrestle once or twice a month in tag team matches, but a WWE championship match was a rarity. Unfortunately for Cena-haters he was always there, but maybe if he was kept off of the shows more, the intrigue would have kept Cena more favorable in the eyes of his critics?

Maybe that is why CM Punk never became a bigger draw? Punk as champion wrestled on television every week against everybody. That’s great for Punk fans but for others, the mystique of the WWE champion is gone. Why pay to see your favorite wrestler when he wrestles on TV for free?

[adinserter block=”2″]Having The Rock wrestle or even appear on TV knowing he is only around until WrestleMania is a bad decision. Going from CM Punk a champion who wrestled every week to The Rock is a huge adjustment for WWE fans and I get it. However, a look at the big picture says that this is the right thing for business and should make the WWE championship that much more special in the end.

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  1. I agree with this article, despite having grown up near the end of the Hogan Era and beginning of the Attitude Era. I, like many of the 18-30 demographic, have been spoiled with weekly appearances by the World Champion. However, I have no problem with the champ not appearing every single week.

    I understand the importance of the champ’s appearances being limited to really important occasions. Such a business approach would make PPV World title matches mean so much more because you rarely see the champ wrestle or in the arena, unless there is a very important reason for him to be there before his PPV title match.

    One thing though. I would like to see Rock wrestle (provided he wins the match this Sunday, which there’s a 99% chance he will.) at least once during the buildup to Wrestlemania, mainly to get rid of his ring rust. Other than that, I’m just happy to see him on top for a short time.

  2. Since the Rock has returned he has appeared live a lot more than he did prior to his match with John Cena. I wouldn't even call him a part-time champion. How many shows has he really missed since just before the Royal Rumble until present day anyway? Seeing the big names in a feud constantly go at it every week gets repetitive and boring that some of the interest is gone once the PPV arrives. Not seeing the Rock wrestle every week makes me want to see the Rock wrestle at the PPV and makes his PPV match more intriguing. Everyone needs to get off this guy's back and be happy that he's here, just like we're happy when the Undertaker shows up once a year and when Y2J makes his annual return! Enjoy it for however long it lasts!

  3. Great article. I don’t have a problem with a part time champion. It makes the belt more special. Of course, I am more old school. Great job.

  4. Yes but the problem is that things move forward not backward typically. The WWE has shown champions wrestling for free for years and the ratings have increased because we don't see star vs jobber as much. We aren't going to be going back to a walkman when we have mp3 players. Business has grown since the format has changed and if the WWE decides to switch back, I think you will see the business shrink.

  5. Im sorry but I must be in a different boat. If i cant see the belt on EVERY raw, im disgusted. Im a huge Rock fan, but this half-time champion deal angers me. Just my 2cents. Thanks guys

  6. I completely agree with your assessment about the WWF champions of the past who rarely appeared on television. It was better for business because it was a big deal when they actually appeared on Superstars or Wrestling Challenge whether it was an interview or a match. However, I think the modern fan is used to having the champion appear on the regular so I understand their feelings on the matter even though the old school fan in me has no problem with a part time champion.


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