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A Main Event Waiting To Happen…3 Years Later – Inside The Wheelhouse

John MorrisonThis week marks my third year with the Camel Clutch Blog and is that time once again for me to go back to my very first blog here at the CCB. Three years ago on June 10th, 2009 I penciled my first blog for Camel Clutch Blog and the rest has been history ever since. That blog was titled “A main event waiting to happen” and it was looking at the present & future of one John Morrison. Since I wrote that blog a lot has changed for a man that many people thought, including yours truly, thought was going to be a future WWE or World Champion.

First off a lot has changed in three years for John Morrison; in fact a lot has changed for him in one year. A year ago I looked at Morrison, who was on the injured list at the time, as a guy who was at a crossroads in his career. He could either get back on the track to that “main event waiting to happen” moniker that Jim Ross gave him during an episode of Smackdown I was watching that inspired me to write the original blog or he could be a “future endeavored waiting to happen.” It appears that Morrison decided to settle with letting his contract expire with the WWE and essentially become future endeavored from the Stamford based wrestling company.

[adinserter block=”2″]The road that John Morrison had taken towards the end of his WWE run was not that many fans will remember fondly. He had just come off of the very public “cold shoulder” incident with Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 27, he had multiple neck injuries that kept him on the shelf and his exit from WWE television at the hands of The Miz was more an analogy then anything else. For years there was always a debate of who was the “Marty Jannetty” of their tag team, heck they even made it into a storyline at one point, and it looks like Morrison may have that nickname currently.

Towards the end of Morrison’s exit from the WWE in early-December 2011 he was very vocal of his distaste for the WWE product. In an age where social media has been either a really good thing for WWE talents (i.e. Zack Ryder, CM Punk) or a really bad thing for WWE talents (i.e. Matt Hardy) it appears that Morrison felt the need to voice his displeasure to an entire fan base. To me, that came off very unprofessionally, a phrase that was often used to describe John Morrison in his last year with the company.

What I have never understood from vocally frustrated talents like John Morrison is that they don’t look at there opportunity in the WWE as an actual gift or blessing. There are thousands, upon thousands, of current independent wrestlers who would have given everything in their being to have the spot John Morrison had in the WWE before he left the company. Weeks before leaving the company he had wrestled in a United States Championship match at the Survivor Series 2011 PPV, so clearly despite all the backstage frustrations the WWE may have had with Morrison they still felt like he was a star.

Lately John Morrison has changed his tune a bit regarding his thoughts on the WWE because maybe he has realized that the “grass was in fact greener on the other side.” In interviews he has said that he left the WWE because his body needed a break and he needed some mental clarity. There is nothing wrong with doing such; other wrestlers have done the same in the past, most notably Chris Jericho on several occasions. But Chris Jericho didn’t bash the company that put food on his family’s plate while he was leaving him instead left the door open and carried himself in a professional manner.

Now to be fair with everything, I wasn’t ever backstage during Morrison’s exit from the WWE. He may have not been as “unprofessional” as he reportedly was but actions like the way he handled WrestleMania 27 with Trish Stratus and his own Twitter profile make me think that those reports were in fact accurate. None the less I write this series of blogs every year I am with the CCB and the guy that was once coined as “a main event waiting to happen” by the greatest wrestling commentator of all-time Jim Ross, is no longer with the company, something’s not right with that.

As wrestling fans we hate to see a wrestler not reach their full potential, Morrison isn’t the first talent that hasn’t reached their potential and certainly won’t be the last. For years to me, Shelton Benjamin was always that WWE star that never reached his full potential. Maybe looking back now and in this current era, John Morrison may fit that moniker better then the one Jim Ross gave him and the one I wrote about three years ago.

You have to wonder what the future of John Morrison is in the world of professional wrestling. He has recently claimed he just needed time off to recover from the wear and tear of the wrestling world, which is absolutely fine with all wrestling fans, you just have to wonder if the WWE will hold the way he carried himself towards the end against him. I certainly don’t hope so because despite all of the negative reports from the last year, John Morrison still is an exceptional talent.

Like a Shelton Benjamin was and is John Morrison could really put together an exception in-ring match. His was often compared to a “young Shawn Michaels” (which I feel like is thrown around way to much today) and had that pedigree to be a guy to carry the WWE as a World Champion. He still has those tools no doubt about it and the good thing is he is currently working on the weakest area of his entire wrestling arsenal, his promo ability.

It has been reported on various wrestling internet sites that Morrison has taken up improv comedy. Improv comedy is look at by many not only in the wrestling industry but also in the acting industry as well as a great tool to have to help make you better prepared for anything thrown at you in front of a live audience. Professional wrestling is a form of improv in the fact that the wrestlers go out there, hit their bullet points but hit all their marks without the use of a word by word script, with Morrison doing such currently you have to feel like he still is preparing himself for an eventual return to professional wrestling.

I honestly don’t know right now if the WWE is going to bring back John Morrison this year, I certainly would like to see it but I just don’t know right now. I don’t think he ends up going to a place like TNA because he has been available for the last 6-7 months and they haven’t brought him in at all or there is no interest from Morrison to even go there. If that is the case it certainly appears that despite all his frustrations during the end of his run he is still loyal to the WWE and would only return there.

John Morrison, when he figures everything out, can still be “a main event waiting to happen.” That moniker he could live up to 3, 4 or even 5 years too late but he still has the potential to do so. Despite leaving the WWE he still has that potential and you cannot take that away from, but the hourglass of reaching that potential or using that potential is certainly losing sand that more he waits on the sidelines.

Throughout professional wrestling and in life, there are always small windows of opportunity that someone goes through to reach a certain goal. That same adage applies to John Morrison in that he needs to jump through that window soon before it’s too late. When I write about Morrison a year from now and if he is still on the sidelines of professional wrestling then we may be looking at the end of his career. I’d hate to see that happen but if Morrison doesn’t act on a potential WWE return in the next 6-12 months he could be in trouble because his name doesn’t hold the same weight as guys like Batista, Chris Jericho or Brock Lesnar who have been away from wrestling longer. Unlike those three names mentioned previously John Morrison could be forgotten.

This is the fourth time I’ve written about this subject in the last three years and what’s the most shocking to me is that Morrison hasn’t had the World Championship potential since the very first time I wrote about him on June 10th, 2009. I don’t know if this blog was originally the “kiss of death” or not but he has never been as more popular or promising then he was when I first wrote it. I hope for his sake and the sake of the wrestling fans that have enjoyed his work that it quickly turns around a year from now.

John Morrison has gone from “a main event waiting to happen” to someone who could be “a lost wrestling star waiting to be forgotten.”

I’d like to take this moment to thank all of you readers here at Camel Clutch Blog for the support you have given me and this site in the last three years I have been here. Eric tells me that I am the longest tenured writer (outside of himself obviously) at the website and I am very proud of that title because I have watched this site grow to where it is today. The best thing about this site is that it continues to grow and continues to reach new heights, it’s really been an amazing ride & I have been very appreciative of Eric for giving me the opportunity to write at such a highly acclaimed site like this one.

[adinserter block=”1″]Cheers to all of you readers, Eric and the Camel Clutch Blog for the last three years I have had at the site, I look forward to many more!

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  1. As a huge Morrison fan all I can say is I hope he finds his way back into the company; he certainly seems to have the right idea and a healthy attitude about the whole thing. He's been performing with his WWE ring name, had a protected exit angle from the company where he looked like a million bucks and seems to be doing the right thing by taking some time off because honestly I don't think he'd even have a place to fit in in the company's current climate (then again a heel Bryan/face Morrison WHC fued on Smackdown would've been money).

    Have you heard his recent interview on Art of Wrestling? Very illuminating as he talks about everything he's working on (his commitment to his body and fitness sounds pretty unreal) and comes across very well. Even to the point where he admits his promos are what needed the most work and that he's working on them. I'm hoping his fitness program and everything works out and he finds his way back to the 'E with some much needed buzz. I know its common to say that for a guy that got the job from reality tv, he's had an amazing career, but it can go a lot higher.


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