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A Favre From Meaningless NFL Pre Season Game

Brett Favre VikingsNFL fans are quick to say that pre season games don’t matter. Minnesota Vikings fans may disagree when it comes to tonight’s game. Brett Favre returns to Monday Night Football and will play a full half for the Vikings. Anything less than a good effort from the gunslinger could officially rip this team apart at the seams.

There are no more excuses tonight for Brett. Favre’s debut performance for the Vikings last week was awful. It didn’t help matters when Tarvaris Jackson came into the game and had an outstanding performance. Favre chalked it up to a lack of time with the team. That isn’t going to fly tonight for concerned Vikings fans and players.

[adinserter block=”1″]To say that the signing of Brett Favre has been anything short of a disaster thus far would be an understatement. I read and heard many ex-NFL players predict fallout from the start. These analysts predicted that head coach Brad Childress would lose the team with this decision. Reports of a “schism” in the locker room followed which solidified the words from these analysts. A perennial Super Bowl favorite has gone from contender to pretender in less than two weeks.

The problem here is that Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels were promised an open competition for the job. Rosenfels signed as a free agent due to those intentions. Childress told his players that Favre wasn’t coming and 24 hours later he is there. These are the kinds of actions that have divided that locker room.

This team could be in big trouble on Tuesday morning with a sub-Favre performance and another lights out showing from Jackson. The team committed $12 million to Favre. No matter what happens, he won’t be sitting. Players will have to endure a losing season due to a bonehead decision by the coach and management. Favre will probably do himself no favors and keep his distance from the team. Remember what Thomas Jones said?

This is a pre season game that definitely counts. Favre needs to show his teammates and the fans that he does belong behind center for the Minnesota Vikings. Favre needs to lead several steady drives down the field. Favre doesn’t necessarily need a touchdown, but he has to at least get them into field goal range. If Favre pulls out one of his many pick six tricks, he is going to be in for a long week.

Green Bay Packer fans are likely loving the latest turn of Favre events. I put myself in their positions and imagine what it would be like if Brian Westbrook played for the Dallas Cowboys. I’d be bitter my team let him go, but it would be even harder to stomach seeing him in blue and silver. I would breathe a sign of relief if I saw that he didn’t have it anymore and my team got the chance to show him up twice a year. I am guessing that Packer fans are feeling the same about their former hero.

[adinserter block=”2″]I know what Brett Favre said about his legacy, but this isn’t good for anyone. Like him or not, he should be remembered for this great Monday night moments and playoff heroics. Unfortunately he may be remembered as a laughing stock which isn’t necessarily fair. Regardless, it will be a lot easier to mend fences with Packers fans when he gives them two wins a year just by playing for the other team.

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